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1. Your Guide to the Education Required to Be a Lawyer

The post-high-school education required to be a lawyer generally takes seven years. This includes four years of undergraduate study and three years of law … read more

2. Becoming a Lawyer: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the education and licensing requirements to be a lawyer? … Seven years of education following high school is typically required to obtain a law degree: … read more

3. Legal education

Three or four years of study at a law school accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) · Four years of study at a State Bar-registered, fixed-facility law … read more

4. Lawyers : Occupational Outlook Handbook: : U.S. Bureau of Labor …

Sep 8, 2022 Most states and jurisdictions require lawyers to complete a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar … read more

5. How To Become An Attorney: Education, Salary And Job Outlook …

Dec 1, 2022 How to Become a Lawyer · Earn a Bachelor's Degree · Take the LSAT or GRE · Complete Law School · Earn Licensure · Pass the Bar Exam · Meet the … read more

6. How To Become a Lawyer in Florida in 5 Steps (With Salary …

Mar 10, 2023 Most full-time law students take about three years to earn their J.D. degree, while part-time students generally take four to five years. Every … read more

7. Training and Education Requirements for Lawyers

Jun 25, 2019 Lawyers must graduate from a law school approved by the American Bar Association and have their J.D. to qualify for the bar examination in most … read more

8. How to become a lawyer in California | The Colleges of Law

May 3, 2021 Aspiring lawyers will likely first need to obtain at least a bachelor's degree. However, there are no requirements for the type of … read more

9. How To Become A Lawyer | Criminal Justice Degree Schools

Lawyer requirements typically include a graduate law degree (usually a JD) from an accredited law school. Most states require that you obtain this degree … read more

10. What Degree Do You Need To Be A Lawyer?

The majority of lawyers have to spend four years getting their bachelor's degree and three years attaining their Juris Doctor degree. For the Juris Doctor … read more

11. How to Become a Lawyer: A Step-by-Step Guide…graduate…/how-to-become-a-lawyer-a- step-by-step-guide

Nov 23, 2020 Wyoming, New York and Maine require some formal legal education, although they don't mandate completion of a J.D. degree. "It's a very old model … read more

12. How to Become a Lawyer in Illinois – IL | Education Requirements –

The Illinois Board of Admissions to the Bar requires that you graduate with your first professional law degree from a law school accredited by the American Bar … read more

13. How to Become a Lawyer in California…/how-to-become-lawyer-california/

Aug 9, 2022 In most cases, the educational requirements are fulfilled by receiving a law degree from an accredited law school in California. Testing … read more

14. Law Schools & Careers | How To Become A Lawyer

A bachelor's degree is the minimum educational requirement for admission to law school. No singular field of study is recommended by the American Bar … read more

15. How to Become a Lawyer in Wisconsin – WI | Education Requirements

Follow the step by step process on how to become a Lawyer or Attorney in … does not require you to complete any pre-legal undergraduate education, … read more

16. How to Become a Tax Attorney – Career |

Required Tax Attorney Education … Becoming a tax attorney in most states requires a minimum of two degrees: a bachelor's and a JD. Some states do not require … read more

17. How to Become a Lawyer in New York – NY | Education Requirements

Steps to become a Lawyer/Attorney in New York · Finish Your New York Undergraduate Pre-Law Education · Take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test) · Go to Law School … read more

18. Admission by Lawyer Bar Examination…/lawyers/qualifications-to-take-the-bar-exam

Jul 14, 2022 Information and requirements for taking the lawyer bar exam in … any U.S. law school and earned an LLM degree that meets the requirements … read more

19. How to Become a Lawyer in North Carolina | Education Requirements

Acceptance into any law school requires that you receive a bachelor's (at minimum) degree from an accredited undergraduate college or university. The … read more

20. Environmental Lawyer – Unity College

Educational environmental lawyer requirements include a bachelor's degree and a law degree, typically a Juris Doctor (JD). Upon graduating, the bar exam must be … read more

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