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1. 11 Lawyer Billboards That Are Actually Engaging – Unlimited …

Jun 20, 2022 Hire a creative team at a fraction · 11. Patiño Law Firm · 10. Lovorn & Ogle · 9. Antonyan Miranda · 8. Daniel Stark · 7. Hudgins Law Firm · 6. The … read more

2. Meet the Lawyers Behind Those Ambulance-Chasing Billboards …

Aug 17, 2021 L.A. is awash in increasingly bizarre billboards touting personal injury lawyers. But for all the hype, they may actually serve a higher … read more

3. ‘$10 Million? You Don’t Blink at That Anymore’: Are Lawyer …

Apr 18, 2023 You Don't Blink at That Anymore': Are Lawyer Billboards Affecting Juries? "Insurance companies have gone in-house to save money," said personal … read more

4. Why Are There So Many Lawyer Billboards On I-90? | WBEZ Chicago

Feb 11, 2021 From commuter traffic to copycat behavior, here are six reasons why lawyers advertise on billboards along the Illinois-Indiana highways. read more

5. 30+ Effective Legal Billboard Ad Examples & Templates – Fliphound …

Don't Settle For Just Any Lawyer. Advertiser: Smith Legal. Agency: Fliphound, LLC. Tags: Law firm, Attorney. Reference Id: FHLEG00002. read more

6. ‘$10 Million? You Don’t Blink at That Anymore’: Are Lawyer …

Apr 27, 2023 Why do personal injury lawyers advertise on television and billboards? Maybe because it helps them find clients amid heavy competition… read more

7. Governor Ron DeSantis Announces Comprehensive Lawsuit …

Feb 14, 2023 … Reforms to Protect Floridians from Predatory Billboard Attorneys … These measures include eliminating one-way attorney fees and fee … read more

8. The 5 Worst Lawyer Billboards of All Time – FindLaw

Jul 11, 2018 Lawyer advertising is both a ripe minefield for ethical issues and a bottomless pit where lawyers and law firms throw their money. read more

9. The Truth About Lawyer Advertising – John H. Fisher, P.C.

Here's something that lawyers will never tell you: 95% of the lawyers who advertise on TV and on billboards do not handle personal injury cases! That's right, … read more

10. Stop helping billboard lawyers at our expense | Commentary …

Feb 15, 2023 With nearly historic inflation, it's time the Florida Legislature puts consumers and local businesses ahead of these billboard trial lawyers … read more

11. Ask an Attorney: Why are there so many legal ads in Las Vegas … -ads-in-las-vegas/

Nevada Chapter 7, Chapter 13 Lawyers. … noticed was a large number of legal advertising — magazines, billboards, radio, TV commercials, it goes on and on. read more

12. Son of Cellino & Barnes lawyer graces new billboard campaign…/son-of-cellino-barnes-lawyer-graces-new-billboard- campaign/

Jan 31, 2023 jingle, its ubiquitous billboard campaign has undergone a major rebrand: personal injury attorney Timothy Cellino, the son of Ross Cellino, … read more

13. What’s With All These Lawyer Billboards in Florida? | SteinLaw…/video…/whats-with-the-lawyer-billboards-florida /

Why in South Florida in particular do we have so many of these lawyers advertising on billboards? I personally don't get it – I think people are finding lawyers … read more

14. Column: Lawyer firm ads in San Gabriel Valley are a case of cultural ……/racial-politics-attorney-ads-cultural- communication-san-gabriel-valley

Apr 1, 2023 Scott Warmuth sits at desk with a small replica of a billboard ad. Attorney Scott Warmuth, at his office in San Gabriel. His billboards have … read more

15. What is with all of the personal injury lawyer billboards in South ……/what-is-with-all-of-the-personal-injury- lawyer-billboards-in-south-florida/

Generally, lawyers are allowed to run advertisements such as billboards that include the following information: a plain photo of the lawyer, office location, … read more

16. There’s a reason for the ‘Jawn Morgan’ billboard blitz, beyond ……/jawn-morgan-billboards-philadelphia-personal- injury-lawyer-ads/

May 25, 2022 The campaign is ubiquitous enough for most residents to have a passing familiarity with the attorney. A personal injury lawyer from Florida co- … read more

17. Alexander Shunnarah legal empire built on thousands of billboards ……/2015/…/alexander_shunnarah_introduces.html

May 17, 2015 Shunnarah Injury Lawyers, P.C. was tied for fourth on the Alabama Jury Verdict Reporter's annual list of Alabama law firms that tried the most … read more

18. Marvel promotes new ‘She-Hulk’ series with mock-attorney …

Los Angeles is dotted with mock attorney billboard ads for "the super lawyer" to promote "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law," now streaming on Disney+. read more

19. Lawyer ads in Louisiana were supposed to change in 2021; here’s ……/lawyer…/article_6b90af90-545a-11eb-ae7e- 1770a8321976.html

Jan 11, 2021 … highway billboards, social media and elsewhere. … Generally, however, a lawyer handling soft tissue personal injuries from a vehicular … read more

20. Why Are There So Many Billboard Attorneys in Louisiana? | Gaubert … louisiana/

If social media is any indication, Louisiana is infamously mocked, memed, and made fun of for our above average number of personal injury attorney ads, … read more

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