Rustic styled rooms are generally rooms, lacking the smooth and shimmering effect we have in our modern rooms today.In pace of the oh so contemporary look,  it’s all about keeping it simple and natural though filled with all modern amenities for a luxurious yet simple statement. Rustic styled living rooms are becoming quite famous today after being used in television sets and themed restaurants. We can put our ancestral antiques to an exceptional use today by designing a room in rustic style. Such themes are really authentic and out of the box. Today we look for innovation and exceptions everywhere and this is exactly on our mind when we think of decorating our homes as well. Going with a theme is helpful as we then can find useful tips and clues from the internet and magazines and start with our designing easily.Any which ways, Designing is just the beginning of limitless possibilities where your mind can go.Rustic styled rooms are easy and simple. Anyone can create them and they are at really affordable prices.Here, taking inspiration from Mother Nature to make ourselves cozy little nest for our precious family to grow and thrive I’ll share golden clues to breathe life into your past memories.

Rustic styled Living Room

12 Golden Clues on Designing a Rustic Styled Living Room

  1. Using antique furniture: We can put those old wooden heavy furniture of our parents and grandparents to a good use today when we are designing a home in rustic style.Old furniture was made of heavy wood and possessed a significant dark color and archaic aristocratic designs which are so difficult to perfect for today’s generation.Don’t throw them out.Putting them to use instantly gives a quick change to your smooth and easy going modern rooms making them more anchored and homely. Using them in our homes gives the house a sense of belonging and the precious values and blessings of our ancestors are kept alive for generations to see, learn, seek inspirations and develop a healthy knowledge about their kinship and develop a healthy sense self-worth from family history, culture, family legacy, and family values.
  1. Hybrid log houses: Log houses are very famous. Lodgepole pine character logs and natural stone fireplaces are most commonly used.These have a cozy cabin feel to it.
  1. Vintage Table works: Interesting and full of rustic aristocracy vintage tables are a must-have when designing rustic themed rooms.Centre tables can also be innovatively replaced by wooden boxes with art and imaginations meticulously carved out on it. They can be painted in wooden hues like Tudor Oak(brownish green) or Victorian Mahogany in shades of brownish red, walnut color or Cinnamon Colours to let it blend in with the natural tone of the place.
  1. Natural color tones: To give the rooms the authentic and natural feel use pastel color tones and natural colors like Wood, Cedar or Syrup if you want to go with tones of the color Brown. You can choose Sage green or Pickle or Pearcolours if you prefer Green and Hazelnut and Beige color to go with it. Colour palette of Orange and Sage Green for sofa and cushions is a fab combination in a neutral colored room. Go for similar shades curtains and rugs as using a little symmetry along with asymmetry goes a long way in defining a modern and elegant taste of design.
  1. Quirky Cushions: Out of the box design can be used for cushions. Woodland themed cushions look exceptionally classy and make a bold statement.
  1. Wall hangings: Farmhouse wall pieces like Animal heads are common in rustic spaces. You can put wooden or stone works also up on walls and shelves. Stone framed wall clocks or deer headed clocks will prove to be an item worth its price.
  1. Embrace the “Modern- Rustic” style: This cool style easily merges with the aesthetics of a rustic style space with modern functionality in a seamless manner. Keep the color themes as natural as possible. 
  1. Stones: Using natural stones easily brings the rustic style into any setting.We can use stones for mantle pieces.To keep in line with the setting we may want to use complementing colored rugs, centerpieces and cushion covers. 
  1. Wooden and red colors: Using the combination of wood and red leather couches or shades of cantaloupe or sandstones paired with brown shades like Yew or Golden Pine or Antique Pine is a brilliant combination.Timber framed rooms, stone fireplaces and a large window with red curtains spells out the contemporary rustic theme. 
  1. Heavy Décor: Rustic doesn’t always mean dark and exposed wood or stones. We should choose heavy old fortitude, heavy wooden coffee tables, wrought iron lightings, fixture, plush rugs, and chocolate or black sofas to anchor the space. We might want to use all those old clocks towers of wood or showcases or mirrors of wood here as well. Every yester years lamps were very classy and are very difficult to spot today. If you have one you should never throw that out. Even the regular household Kerosene oil lamps, Figural stem Antique oil lamps, hanging antique oil lamps or glass antique oil lamps are so outnumbered today. Placing that beside modern sofas and couches marries rustic along with the modern seamlessly. 
  1. Stone racks: We can make ourselves good old Flintstones styled stone racks and use it to keep stone statues or god figures or artifacts close to our wandering hearts in an anchored space. We can even keep bonsai plants here in classy pots to keep the natural inspiration alive. 
  1. Pastel strokes of the wall: To cut out on the dark and deep vibe of rustic styled rooms, paint up walls using butter paper designs over cement sheets, or keep the modern shine alive using pastel color strokes like sage green and walnut.Avoid using bright and shimmering colors as they will not go well. Keep the ceilings of wooden logs like we use to enjoy as kids during hiking days up to the hills or like in our farmhouses. Mix and match this with interesting contemporary furniture which is simple yet sophisticated. Use wrought iron chandeliers and cane wood armchairs.Big sized Italian lamps go great in such rooms. Add fresh garden flowers on centerpieces and side tables for the natural feel.

Rustic style interiors spell exposed walls, stone walls, warm fireplaces, setting that turns the clock back to a simpler, less flashy era. Yet, concealed below those rough and rustic exteriors are still modern comforts and new age gadgets that promise an easier life.Rustic doesn’t mean a less luxurious life. It’s about embracing aesthetics that are unpretentious, more elegant and closer to nature. Rustic style homes offer the best of both the world. A place where each traveling heart longs to be.

Happy Desiginign:)

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