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1. Review: ‘Who Killed Sara?’ and the Art of the Netflixnovela – The …

May 20, 2021 “Who Killed Sara?,” the popular Mexican mystery series that returned for a second season May 19 on Netflix, is a little like an early-1970s … read more

2. ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Netflix Review: Stream It Or Skip It?

Mar 24, 2021 Who Killed Sara? has a few logic problems, but its overall vibe is energetic enough, with good performances, to keep viewers' attention. read more

3. Who Killed Sara? – Rotten Tomatoes

Sometimes a murder mystery is just a set-up for a good, old fashioned family melodrama. That's certainly the case for Who Killed Sara? April 8, 2021 | Rating: 3 … read more

4. Reviews: Who Killed Sara? – IMDb

Sara Guzmán eagerly takes flight beneath a parachute towed by the boat. … And some of the acting is pretty good, like main characters Alex and Elisa, … read more

5. 3 Reasons You Should Watch Netflix’s Who Killed Sara …

Mar 24, 2021 While it has all the elements of a good murder mystery series — including a powerful family, someone that's been framed for murder, and … read more

6. Who Killed Sara? TV Review | Common Sense Media

Feb 18, 2023 NOT for children or adults very disturbing … Very disturbing series with scenes with sexual violence. Definitely NOT for children and even … read more

7. Should I watch, ”Who killed Sara”? : r/bestofnetflix

Should I watch, ”Who killed Sara”?
by u/oxyMoron-ish in bestofnetflix

Apr 5, 2021 in s3 they explain how alex became a good hacker in prison, also sara didn't die on that parachute accident, she was alive her death was … read more

8. 7 Shows Like Who Killed Sara? to Watch After the Netflix Series

Aug 9, 2022 Who Killed Sara? created a perfect balance between a nerve-gritting mystery and good old-fashioned family drama. This Mexican hit starring … read more

9. The ‘Who Killed Sara?’ Ending, Explained (Plus, the Good News …

Apr 10, 2021 Warning: Who Killed Sara on Netflix spoilers, ahead. … need to know about that insane season finale—and the good news about season two. read more

10. Watch Who Killed Sara? | Netflix Official Site

Who Killed Sara? 2021 | Maturity Rating:TV-MA | 3 Seasons | Drama. Hell-bent on exacting revenge and proving he was framed for his sister's murder, … read more

11. Who Killed Sara season 4 – has it been cancelled?

May 19, 2022 Who Killed Sara? did a good job at keeping the murder mystery going strong, but another whodunnit would be pushing it. read more

12. Who Killed Sara? season 3 review – one season too far, unfortunately…/review-who-killed-sara-season-3-netflix-series/

May 18, 2022 This review of Netflix's Who Killed Sara? season 3 does not contain spoilers. Read the ending explained for Who Killed Sara? season 3. read more

13. 5 good Netflix shows this weekend: Who Killed Sara? and more…/good-netflix-shows-this-weekend-who-killed-sara- umbrella-academy/

5 good Netflix shows this weekend: Who Killed Sara? and The Umbrella Academy. by Renee Hansen 1 year ago. It's the weekend and time to prepare your list of … read more

14. Who Killed Sara? – Wikipedia

Who Killed Sara is a Mexican mystery thriller streaming television series created by José … is energetic enough, with good performances, to keep viewers' attention". read more

15. Who Killed Sara? season 1 review – Netflix brings a compelling ……/review-who-killed-sarah-season-1-netflix-series /

Mar 23, 2021 With a good mix of action, spy-elements, complex family hierarchy, corruption, and revenge, Who Killed Sara? should be the next hot chat on … read more

16. Who Killed Sara season 2 ending explained | Did Nicandro kill Sara ……/who-killed-sara-season-2-ending-explained- netflix/

May 20, 2021 For a while in season two's dramatic, fiery finale, it looked like we'd been gifted an answer – it was Marifer who slashed the rope that led to … read more

17. ‘Who Killed Sara?’ star Carolina Miranda on her breakout role…/who-killed-sara-star-carolina-miranda-on-her-breakout- role/

May 17, 2021 “But nobody is a good or bad person in this show. It's not black and white. Everyone brings something different to their character. Elisa is a … read more

18. Top Shows on Netflix This Week: ‘Who Killed Sara?,’ ‘Big Time Rush’ time-rush-2021-4

Apr 11, 2021 The Netflix thriller "Who Killed Sara? … but its overall vibe is energetic enough, with good performances, to keep viewers' attention. read more

19. ‘Lupin,’ ‘Élite’ and ‘Who Killed Sara?’ are proof that good TV ……/lupin-international-tv/

Jun 18, 2021 In January, Netflix users came across a new series about a charming con man out to avenge the death of his father. The mystery thriller … read more

20. Is Who Killed Sara Based on a True Story? Real-Life Inspirations …

May 24, 2021 Here's how Who Killed Sara writer and series creator José Ignacio … recalling advice his aunt – the well-known children's book author, … read more

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