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1. Ok. IS WHO IS AMERICA FAKE OR NOT ? : r/WhoIsAmerica

by u/narphotek in WhoIsAmerica

Sep 16, 2018 It's real. Everybody he interviews is real and don't know they're being played. Jason Spencer resigned because of it and Roy Moore and … read more

2. Reddit – Wikipedia

Reddit is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and discussion website. … In 2017, Reddit developed its own real-time chat software for the site. read more

3. Is “Who Is America”, legit interviews or fake/scripted? : r/television

Is "Who Is America", legit interviews or fake/scripted?
by u/BoomBapJazz in television

I know Sacha has obviously done real interviews in character in the past, Ali G, Borat etc. So I'm guessing it's the same in this show. read more

4. Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America antics are exhausting and …

Jul 13, 2018 So you might think that his new Showtime comedy series, Who Is America?, would be perfect for skewering the interplaying phenomena of actual … read more

5. Is “who is America” staged? : r/television

Is “who is America” staged?
by u/Spregg in television

Aug 3, 2018 100% real. Now the people that got in trouble are trying to say that they got “tricked” into saying stuff. But nope. All real and great tv. read more

6. Reddit’s WallStreetBets has its own language: What stock tendies …

Feb 4, 2021 It says a lot about American masculinity. … longtime member of WSB who asked that I not use his real name, thinks Reddit, in particular, … read more

7. I ended the first episode of “Who is America?” thinking “what the f …

I ended the first episode of "Who is America?" thinking "what the f*** did I just watch?"
by u/joebucksucks420 in television

Jul 16, 2018 I love how everyone who brings this up forgets Rita Ora, just like in real life. read more

8. Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘Who Is America?’ Episode 2 Recap: Ted …

Jul 22, 2018 … in the second episode of his surprise Showtime series 'Who Is America? … “Ho Chi Minh” and some more real but not Chinese words, too). read more

9. Why was “Who Is America” forgotten so quickly? : r/television

Why was "Who Is America" forgotten so quickly?
by u/Not_Without_My_Balls in television

Feb 21, 2022 Anyway, to answer your question, Wh is America dont get talked … remember how he told Bob Woodard, "Bob this is bad, real bad it goes in … read more

10. Unemployed on Reddit – The New York Times

Feb 10, 2021 Economy|Reddit Is America's Unofficial Unemployment Hotline … portals and even how to speak to an actual person to get issues resolved. read more

11. holy fuck, who is america? : r/television…/holy_fuck_who_is_america/

Jul 25, 2018 I don't understand how he is able to get people to show their true colors like that. it's a scary look I to the problems in america, … read more

12. Reddit’s amicus brief…/20230119145120402_Gonzalez%20- %20Reddit%20bottomside%20amicus%20brief.pdf

Jan 19, 2023 B. Section 230 protects Reddit, its users, and … America Online, Inc., … function as a true marketplace of ideas, where users come. read more

13. Who is America – Jason Spencer : r/television…/who_is_america_jason_spencer/

Jul 23, 2018 Hold the fuck up , you're clearly trolling , not an american but a sacha baron fan here ,. THIS IS FUCKING REAL ! read more

14. Employers and the ADA: Myths and Facts | U.S. Department of Labor…/fact…/americans-with-disabilities-act

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a landmark federal law that protects the rights of people with disabilities by eliminating barriers to their … read more

15. Who Is America: Roy Moore : r/television…/930cj9/who_is_america_roy_moore/

Jul 30, 2018 I find the inverse is true. . I myself am ashamed that. I have a larger phallus than you. read more

16. Reddit Is America’s Unofficial Unemployment Hotline | Digital ……/reddit-is-america-s-unofficial- unemployment-hotline

Thousands of Americans have begun frequenting the r/Unemployment subreddit to get help navigating state and federal unemployment systems. read more

17. Who is America?: Sacha Baron Cohen and two conservative guys ……/who_is_america_sacha_baron_cohen_and_two/

Jul 31, 2018 Reading the first half of this comment has almost convinced me it couldn't be real again. The fake vagina is still the last straw for me! read more

18. ‘Who Is America?’: Sacha Baron Cohen Gives Guns to ……/who-is-america-guns-kindergarteners-sacha- baron-cohen-joe-walsh-1201984234/

Jul 16, 2018 ': Sacha Baron Cohen's Fake Plan to Give Guns to Kindergarteners Gets Real Support From Politicians — Watch. The premiere episode of Cohen's new … read more

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