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1. Men At Work’s “Who Can It Be Now?” blurs the line between private …

Jan 6, 2015 1, The A.V. Club examines an album that went to No. 1 on the Billboard charts to get to the heart of what it means to be popular in pop music, … read more

2. Men at Work – Who Can It Be Now? Lyrics | SongMeanings

I don't think it's about masturbation, like whymighti proposes, but paranoid schizophrenia sounds about right; perhaps the "It's not the future that I can … read more

3. Men at work – Who could it be now : r/LyricInterpretations

Men at work – Who could it be now
by u/Galzreon in LyricInterpretations

Aug 6, 2013 It's about Schizophrenia Paranoia. He hears a knocking sound, and immediately thinks that someone is coming to take him away. There's nothing … read more

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"Who Can It Be Now?" is a song recorded by Australian band Men at Work. It was released in Australia in 1981, prior to the recording of their 1981 debut … read more

5. “Who Can It Be Now?” by Men at Work – Song Meanings and Facts

Dec 28, 2019 The lyrics of Men at Work's "Who Can It Be Now?" were written while Colin Hay was in a precarious situation. He was living in an apartment … read more

6. Men at Work — “Who Can It Be Now?” – Awesomely Bad Lyrics

Aug 3, 2009 I'm having trouble deciding whether Colin Hay is trying to present a serious depiction of paranoid schizophrenia, or whether he is just … read more

7. The Meaning Behind The Song: Who Can It Be Now? by Men at …

Jun 27, 2023 One of Men at Work's most recognizable songs, “Who Can It Be Now?” topped the charts in Australia and the US when it was released in 1981. read more

8. Who Can It Be Now? by Men at Work – Songfacts

Who Can It Be Now? by Men at Work song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. read more

9. Schizophrenia: What It Is, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Instead, experts now view schizophrenia as a spectrum of conditions, … Many people with schizophrenia can't recognize that they have symptoms of … read more

10. NIMH » Understanding Psychosis

It is difficult to know the number of people who experience psychosis. … However, people can experience a psychotic episode at younger and older ages and … read more

11. Paranoid Schizophrenia: What It Is, Symptoms & Treatment

Jun 26, 2022 How does this condition affect my body? Schizophrenia is a mental health condition that disrupts several different areas of your brain. This … read more

12. What is Avolition and Can It Be Treated?

Jun 23, 2021 While most associated with schizophrenia, avolition can also be … Researchers still don't know why some people develop avolition, … read more

13. Postpartum Psychosis: What It Is, Symptoms & Treatment

Sep 13, 2022 Postpartum psychosis can affect anyone who recently gave birth. … While experts don't know if these conditions contribute to or cause PPP, … read more

14. The concept of schizophrenia is coming to an end – here’s why end-heres-why-82775

Aug 24, 2017 Presumably this process will accelerate, and the term schizophrenia will be confined to history, like “dropsy”. Research is now exploring … read more

15. Catatonic Schizophrenia: What It Is, Symptoms & Treatment

Jul 18, 2022 When should I go to the ER? People who have schizophrenia symptoms now or who've had it in the past have an increased risk of self-harm and … read more

16. Schizophrenia in Children | Cedars-Sinai…/s/schizophrenia-in-children.html

How can I help prevent schizophrenia in my child? Experts don't know how to prevent schizophrenia. But early diagnosis and treatment can improve a child's … read more

17. Schizophrenia – Diagnosis and treatment – Mayo Clinic…/schizophrenia/diagnosis…/drc- 20354449

Jan 7, 2020 Because medications for schizophrenia can cause serious side effects, … Getting the information firsthand will help you know what you're … read more

18. Frequently Asked Questions about Schizophrenia | Brain & Behavior ……/frequently-asked-questions-about- schizophrenia

While schizophrenia is a chronic disorder, it can be treated with … can help detect early disease and allow for quicker interventions is now being done. read more

19. What are the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia?…/schizophrenia/

Hearing voices or other sounds is the most common hallucination. It can different for everyone. For example, voices may be: female or male,; someone you know or … read more

20. Recognizing Schizophrenia | NIH News in Health

Unfortunately, most people with schizophrenia are unaware that their symptoms are warning signs of a mental disorder. Their lives may be unraveling, yet they … read more

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