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1. What is the SHS Strand for Lawyers? | OEd Senior High School

Becoming a lawyer is an example of a colorful and exciting career that HUMSS graduates can opt to pursue. HUMSS is an excellent lawyer strand in senior high … read more

2. What strand should I take if I will be an attorney or a lawyer, STEM or …

Related. I'm planning to get BS psychology in college. But I'm confuse on what strand is it under. Is it STEM or HUMSS? I recommend HUMSS. read more

3. HUMSS Strand – PRE-LAW COURSES Possible careers… | Facebook

Aug 17, 2020 PRE-LAW COURSES Possible careers ✒POLITICAL SCIENCE: may pursue a career path in government offices, non-government organizations, … read more

4. I want to Become… – HUMSS

A lawyer is a person who practices law, as a barrister, attorney, … power of that state within a defined legal or territorial area of responsibility. read more

5. HUMSS Subjects – HUMSS courses list| HUMSS courses and jobs

Do you know? Even a psychology career is a viable choice for students opting for courses under the HUMSS strand. Read More:Explore Universities to Study Abroad … read more

6. Any advisable pre-law courses for a HUMSS student? : r …

Any advisable pre-law courses for a HUMSS student?
by u/TheatrePotato in LawStudentsPH

May 31, 2020 In the end lahat kayo pantay-pantay. So don't stress out fellow humss student *wink. PS. if you really want to pursue law school, … read more

7. Humanities and Social Sciences Strand (HUMSS) |

This is for those who are considering taking up journalism, communication arts, liberal arts, education, and other social science-related courses in college. If … read more

8. Can I still take Accountancy as my pre-law even if I decide to take …

Can I still take Accountancy as my pre-law even if I decide to take HUMSS as my strand in shs?
by u/Mnemosyne_nemo in LawStudentsPH

Jun 16, 2020 But I'm worried, if I take HUMSS would I be left out or will I miss a lot in Accountancy for taking humss instead of abm? This thread is … read more

9. 11 Best HUMSS Courses and Jobs – AECC

Dec 14, 2022 HUMSS Strand Courses: The Ultimate Guide to Graduating in Humanities and Social Sciences Strand · What is the HUMSS Strand? · Top Courses Under … read more

10. anong strand kukunin para mag lawyer​ –

Mar 1, 2021 HUMSS po. The HUMSS strand offers more opportunities than other people think. Contrary to popular belief, not every HUMSS student dreams to … read more

11. WHAT IS HUMMS?. Humanities and Social Science in this… | by …

Feb 26, 2019 “HUMANISTA” is the term who will taking HUMSS strand. Humanities and Social sciences deals with studying the diversity of human behaviours … read more

12. 6 Possible Jobs for HUMSS Students…/jobs-for-humss-students-a00388-20220506- lfrm

May 6, 2022 6 Possible Career Paths for HUMSS Students … Lawyers typically either prosecute or defend their respective … CONTINUE READING BELOW. read more

13. It must be HUMSS | Site Title…/humanities-and-social-sciences/

Feb 28, 2017 … geography, law, and psychology. Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS) are one of the most well-known strand under the academic track of … read more

14. Top 5 Careers You Can Pursue If You Took HUMSS Strand in SHS ……/top-5-careers-you-can-pursue-if-you-took-humss-strand- in-shs/

Sep 14, 2022 The Humanities and Social Science Strand (HUMSS) is one of the strands under the K-12 Senior High School education program in the … read more

15. Possible Careers/ Jobs related to HUMSS | The Truth Behind … humss/

The HUMSS strand offers more opportunities than other people think. … Teacher Lawyer Psychologist Author / Editor Politician Criminologist Journalist… read more

16. Law School Buddy – #LSBasks ⬇️ For Senior High School (SHS ……/279273927151762/

Apr 4, 2021 HUMSS Strand under Academic Track. 2 yrs Report. Renz Guiller Villano, profile picture. read more

17. HUMSS Ka Lang | PDF | Stereotypes | Curriculum

teachers, lawyers, police, and of course, government. According to DepEd Curriculum guide students under the HUMSS strand are. read more

18. Humanities – Wikipedia

As in America, there is a perceived decline in interest within higher education policy in research that is qualitative and does not produce marketable products. read more

19. T.I.P. al Twitter: “T.I.P. HUMSS paves the way for you to become a …

Jun 11, 2021 T.I.P. HUMSS paves the way for you to become a sought-after journalist, lawyer, social worker, teacher, or psychologist in the future! read more

20. [Solved] I. As a Student of HUMSS Strand Make a “Resume” as if ……/32354155-I-As-a-Student-of-HUMSS-Strand -Make-a-Resume-as-if-you-are/

Jul 6, 2021 As a Student of HUMSS Strand Make a "Resume" as if you are applying to a Law Firms. My references: Objective job: Lawyer. Educational background … read more

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