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1. Do Masculine Names Help Female Lawyers Become Judges …

Aug 4, 2009 The first female lawyer in South Carolina had a masculine name and today many female lawyers privately express their belief that their nominal. read more

2. Female Lawyers with Masculine Names May Have a Better Shot at …

Sep 3, 2009 Print. Women lawyers with masculine-sounding first names have better odds of becoming a judge than their counterparts with feminine names, at … read more

3. Women with male names do better in legal careers: study | Reuters

Nov 1, 2009 “The first female lawyer in South Carolina had a masculine name and today many female lawyers privately express their belief that their … read more

4. English Translation of “l’avocat” | Collins French-English Dictionary

masculine noun/feminine noun. 1. (Law) lawyer ⧫ ≈ barrister (Brit). Il est avocat. He's a lawyer. se faire l'avocat du diable to play devil's advocate. read more

5. lawyer | translate English to French – Cambridge Dictionary

lawyer translate: avocat/-ate [masculinefeminine], avocat/-ate. Learn more in the Cambridge English-French Dictionary. read more

6. A Lawyer and a Lady?: The Visual Aesthetics of Femininity and …

Sep 1, 2018 Female lawyers still face what a landmark American Bar Association report … norms that are typically culturally valorized as “masculine. read more

7. Masculine Law Firms

white female and minority lawyers in law firms. But all of these mod- els are, to a certain extent, based on the concept that there is a prob-. read more

8. Masculine and Feminine Roles and Today’s Marriage

What is the main cause of divorce? Marriage! It's a bunch of things, but honestly, I can sum up the demise of marriage (and society in general):. Emasculation … read more

9. Profession Names: Masculine or Feminine? – GreekPod101

Oct 5, 2018 The answer is “not always.” You may have seen nouns of professions such as γιατρός (yatrós, "doctor"), and δικηγόρος (dikigóros, "lawyer") that … read more

10. Words of and for Women in the … – Becoming Italian Word by Word

May 2, 2011 In Italian only a male lawyer is an avvocato. … (Words are feminine; deeds are masculine.”) In fact, the Italian language, she contends, … read more

11. “lawyer (masculine)” in French | Lingopolo

Lawyer (masculine). The French for "lawyer (masculine)" is ". read more

12. Bing’s gendered translations tackle bias in translation – Microsoft ……/bings-gendered-translations-tackle-bias-in- translation/

Mar 8, 2023 Screenshot of translation of English text “Let's get our lawyer's opinion on … The feminine and masculine variants should have minimal … read more

13. Rethinking the Masculine Character of the Legal Profession: A Case ……

including female judges, prosecutors and lawyers. Part III develops my three-fold argument. First of all, the legal culture in Taiwan is widely recognized as a … read more

14. what is feminine gender of lawyer​ –

Mar 18, 2021 Answer: It's just lawyer, there is no other name for a female laywer, but.. you can also say attorney. Explanation:. read more

15. Gender-neutral language in the European Parliament

Feminisation (i.e. the use of feminine correspondents of masculine terms or … it is by now long-established that words like 'doctor' or 'lawyer' refer to. read more

16. Italy’s first female prime minister will use the masculine form of her title 1849700328

Though she is the first woman to hold the title in 76 years of the Italian Republic, Meloni has chosen to use the same male article, il, as all of her … read more

17. Female Lawyers Face Widespread Gender Bias, According To New ……/female-lawyers-face-widespread-gender-bias- according-to-new-study/

Oct 1, 2018 One female lawyer reported, “I have frequently been assumed to be a court reporter. In my own firm, I've been asked if I am a legal … read more

18. abogado – Wiktionary

Doublet of advocate. … Borrowed from Spanish abogado (“lawyer”). … abogado (feminine abogada, masculine plural abogados, feminine plural abogadas). read more

19. Il ministro o La ministra? The Feminine Form in Professional Job Titles…/il-ministro-o-la-ministra-feminine-form- professional-job-titles

Mar 5, 2015 A different usage is found in Quebec, however, where the double gender, masculine and feminine, is sanctioned for professionals by a law … read more

20. Melville and Women in Specific Relation to “Bartleby, the Scrivener”…

Jul 14, 2011 the paradigms of masculine 'logic' or female 'pain'… … lawyer is first infatuated with Bartleby but then later feels the need to distance … read more

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