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1. What is better, being a judge or being a lawyer? – Quora

A lawyer is capable of earning several times more than any judge. A lawyer of certain standing, ie the ones capable of being considered for appointment as … read more

2. From the Bar to the Bench: Transitioning from Lawyer to Judge

Nov 10, 2020 Very few people begin their careers as judges. … Depending on the state, lawyers earn judgeships either through election or appointment. read more

3. Code of Conduct for United States Judges | United States Courts

For example, a judge should not use the judge's judicial position or title to … (b) the judge served as a lawyer in the matter in controversy, or a lawyer … read more

4. Being a lawyer is much better than a Judge: Justice Rao on farewell …

May 21, 2022 NEW DELHI: Cricketer-actor-lawyer turned Supreme Court Judge, Justice L Nageshwar Rao on Friday confessed that he had accepted judgeship at a " … read more

5. Judge vs. Commissioner – Is There a Difference? — San Jose …

Feb 26, 2019 Some San Jose divorce, custody and/or support matters are assigned to a department where a judge is presiding, while other matters are heard … read more

6. Not All Lawyers Want To Be Judges – Above the Law

Aug 18, 2021 In addition, many other attorneys might make more money than most judges. Lawyers like everyone else can develop “golden handcuffs” which makes … read more

7. I’ve been arrested. What happens now?

The FDC judge will then tell your lawyer and the prosecutor what you can … prosecutor and the judge at the FDC is better for you than any offer made at … read more

8. How To Become a Judge – Step-by-Step Guide

Nov 1, 2022 However, there is someone sitting above lawyers, too—judges. … 165 or higher to be accepted at a law school, but, as always, higher scores … read more

9. “A Good Lawyer Knows the Law but a Great Lawyer Knows the Judge”

Dec 11, 2012 “A Good Lawyer Knows the Law but a Great Lawyer Knows the Judge” … This phrase is often quoted in a humorous manner to depict the legal … read more

10. Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) |

JAG provides the opportunity to make an immediate impact as an attorney or judge in the military law branch of the government. Learn if you're ready for a … read more

11. SC Judicial Department

Finally, please be sure to fully identify the judge or lawyer and to include a full address and phone number where you can be reached. read more

12. Law Office or Judge’s Chamber…/Law-Office-or-Judges-Chamber

The following is a summary of the requirements for qualifying for admission to practice law in California through study in a law office or judge's chambers. For … read more

13. Inside Track: ‘We Can Do Better Than This’: Judge Everett Mitchell ……/Article.aspx?…

Apr 5, 2017 Law School, he's worked as an assistant district attorney, as director of community relations at U.W.-Madison, and volunteered his time doing … read more

14. U.S. Attorneys | Legal Terms Glossary | United States Department of …

Terms are listed in alphabetical order and can be better accessed by … law clerk (or staff attorney) – Assist judges with research and drafting of … read more

15. Jury vs. Judge: Pros and Cons of Each Option | Kretzer Firm

Jul 12, 2021 At a jury trial, the outcome of a case is decided by a group of law-abiding citizens. This is different from a judge trial where the judge makes … read more

16. These Judges Can Have Less Training Than Barbers but Still ……/these-judges-can-have-less-training-than- barbers-but-still-decide-thousands-of-cases-each-year

Nov 27, 2019 South Carolina's system for magistrate judges is unlike any state in the country, creating fertile ground for incompetence and corruption. read more

17. Guide to Protection Orders

The Judge, prosecutor and/or defendant's attorney may ask you questions. … the case is "State of Ohio or City of Columbus –vs– (Name of Defendant). read more

18. Why Trial By Jury May Be a Better Choice Than a Judge – Scheiner …

With a jury trial you (or your lawyer) only have to convince one person in the group that you are not guilty for you to win a case. Meanwhile a judge tends to … read more

19. Judge Advocate Division | JAD | Marines…/judge-advocate-division.html

Marine Corps Judge Advocates will likely serve as federal prosecutors or defense attorneys in felony-level courts-martial during their first tour and have the … read more

20. Other Options for Resolving Your Dispute | Georgia Attorney ……/other-options-resolving-your-dispute

In some counties, mediation is recommended or required before a judge will hear the case. How do I file a claim? The person filing a claim in magistrate court … read more

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