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1. Which is a better job – a doctor or lawyer? – Quora


Doctor. High-end attorneys make more than physicians, but big-money jobs are generally reserved only for graduates of top schools and those who have … read more

2. Doctor vs. Lawyer: Definitions and Differences | Indeed.com


Jun 24, 2022 The national average salary for a doctor is $239,408 per year , while the national average salary for a lawyer is $71,546 per year . Other … read more

3. Lawyer Vs Doctor: Who Has The Better Lifestyle? – willpeachMD


Doctors have higher earnings on average, but lawyers reach a higher earning capacity faster (training for fewer years). For most individuals, the choice between … read more

4. Should I become a doctor or lawyer? – Quora


If that is the choice, a doctor. It is a long hard road, but your skills are pretty portable. People will respect you. As an attorney we as a country are … read more

5. Who Is Better Paid: a Medical Doctor or a Lawyer?


The Bureau of Labor Statistics gives median salaries for both doctors and lawyers, so it's clear that the doctors' number is higher. But median salaries are the … read more

6. what’s it really like to be a doctor vs lawyer (my first thread) | Student …


Jul 12, 2004 youre in more debt after med school (3 vs 4 yrs) + residency get paid badly 2.) lifestyle of a doctor is harder, more stress, higher stakes, … read more

7. Is It Worth Becoming a Doctor or Lawyer? | by Talia Diaz | Making of …


Oct 8, 2021 That being said, in theory, the insane cost of getting through law school or medical school should eventually have a better ROI than a … read more

8. Why lawyers are better than doctors. : r/LawSchool

Why lawyers are better than doctors.
by u/johnnyawful in LawSchool

Oct 8, 2011 Why lawyers are better than doctors. From my Contracts Professor: "Lawyers were writing the greatest Constitution the world has ever seen … read more

9. Law School vs. Med School: Which Is Tougher? – Mometrix Blog


Feb 12, 2021 Law can basically be boiled down to lawyers resolve legal problems for their clients. Medicine is boiled down to: doctors resolve medical … read more

10. 4 Reasons to be a Doctor, Not a Lawyer | AUA


Oct 20, 2016 1. Strong Job Outlook. The projected physician shortage everyone keeps talking about is no joke. · 2. Job Satisfaction · 3. As a Law School … read more

11. Lawyer and Physician: A Contrast – The Atlantic


EVERY lawyer when young should be apprenticed to some good physician, … Better that he win an unjust victory, many a lawyer has told me, than that he … read more

12. Are Doctors More Important Than Lawyers? | Daily Business Review


Sep 9, 2022 Miami criminal defense attorney Bruce Lehr. COMMENTARY. Are Doctors More Important Than Lawyers? Lawyers are not required to do fellowships, … read more

13. Attorney vs Lawyer: What Are the Differences?


Understanding the difference between a lawyer and an attorney is important for anyone interested in earning a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree. Whether you are … read more

14. Professional Income: Why Doctors Make More Money than Lawyers


Doctor's incomes are from "How. Much are Physicians Earning", Medical Economics, October, 1956. The percentages given for lawyers in certain of the income … read more

15. How to recognize ‘medical gaslighting’ and better advocate for …

https://www.cnbc.com/…/medical-gaslighting-warning-signs-and-how-to- advocate-for-yourself.html

Sep 1, 2022 … and better advocate for yourself at your next doctor's appointment … If you think you've experienced medical gaslighting or want to be … read more

16. Compare the Pilot Career to Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer – Sling Pilot …


May 11, 2023 The airline pilot career earnings compared to doctor, lawyer and engineer. … Watch the Full Video: Pilot vs. Doctor, Lawyer & Engineer:. read more

17. LLM Versus JD Degree: Choosing the Right Program for Your …


May 26, 2023 Attending law school to earn a JD is the first step in becoming a lawyer and gaining admission to the state bar in order to practice. An LLM … read more

18. Why Those With Juris Doctor Degrees Are Not Called “Doctor”

https://www.linkedin.com/…/why-those-juris-doctor-degrees-called-alexander -whitaker

Feb 27, 2020 The American law degree, a Juris Doctor (or sometimes Doctor of Jurisprudence; both JD), is a three-year professional degree known (or once … read more

19. Lawyer and Doctor, Who is More Important in the Society – Bscholarly

https://bscholarly.com/lawyer-and-doctor-who-is-more-important-in-the- society/

Mar 26, 2021 Lawyer is more more important than doctor these is base on the fact that lawyer save, somebody that is arested and it locked in the prison it … read more

20. A look at doctors in law school and lawyers in med school …


Jan 7, 2019 It's an english degree versus a biology major. On the surface, law and medicine seem like they'd attract starkly different students, but there … read more

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