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1. Korean manhwa about a guy who cannot fight, but ends up winning …


Mar 26, 2015 Edit: The series is Transfer Student Storm Bringer. The girl in this series has pink hair, and the guy has brown hair. read more

2. Looking for finished or completed battle manga/manhwa or webtoons

Looking for finished or completed battle manga/manhwa or webtoons
by u/LakersLover22 in manga

Jun 11, 2018 The fight/action scenes in this series are the best. They don't hold back in terms of being graphic, and they're also really easy to follow ( … read more

3. Viral Hit | WEBTOON


Scrawny high school student Hobin Yoo is probably the last guy you'd expect to star in a NewTube channel that revolves around fighting. But after following some … read more

4. Ending soon? : r/ViralHit

Ending soon?
by u/NygaCage in ViralHit

Mar 7, 2021 Hey guys,do you think How to Fight/Viral Hit is going to continue after Hobin wins the company war? where do you think the series goes from … read more

5. Best Action Manhwa | Book Riot


Oct 11, 2022 After you've finished here, make sure to check out a few action manga as well! read more

6. how to fight manhwa ending | TikTok Search


how to fight manhwa ending · 112.4M views · Discover short videos related to how to fight manhwa ending on TikTok. read more

7. Best Manhwa Like Solo Leveling


Sep 25, 2022 Solo Leveling presents awesome fights, sensational developments, and incredible … and it's been quite a while since the manhwa's ending. read more

8. 17+ Best High School Fighting Manhwa (Ranked) – MyAnimeGuru


Apr 11, 2023 17+ Best High School Fighting Manhwa (Ranked) · 1. Mercenary Enrollment · 2. The Breaker · 3. Unholy Blood · 4. Noblesse · 5. Weak Hero · 6. Get … read more

9. Is Solo Leveling Finished? Manhwa Ending Explained


Dec 29, 2021 Wondering if Solo Leveling manhwa has finished with Chapter 179? … In the recent chapters, we saw Sung Jin-Woo fighting against the … read more

10. The 30 Best Manhwa Of All Time | Reedsy Discovery


Aug 20, 2021 Status: Completed. And if you can't get enough of monster-fighting action but prefer low-key horror that's actually heavier on the fantasy … read more

11. Viral Hit | Manhwa – MyAnimeList.net


Aug 27, 2021 Finally fed up with his miserable lifestyle, Hobin fights back and ends up in a pathetic brawl with Jiksae. The next morning, it is revealed … read more

12. How to Fight | Korean Webtoons Wiki | Fandom


How to Fight is a Naver webtoon written by the writer is Taejun Pak, and the artist is Kim Junghyun. It is serialised as Viral Hit on the English version of … read more

13. Why the Solo Leveling Ending Was Controversial


Apr 8, 2023 solo leveling jinwoo fighting antares … While many found the webtoon's ending to be satisfactory, it has left some fans a little … read more

14. About Manager Kim | Manager Kim Manhwa Wiki | Fandom


Manager Kim 김부장 (lit. Manager Kim) is a manhwa created in 2021 by Toy (from PTJ Comics) and illustrated by Jeongjongtaek. It was officially released in … read more

15. Top 10 Action Manhwa with Insane Plots! (April 2023) – Anime Ukiyo


Feb 9, 2021 Best Action Manhwa List! · 1. The Breaker · 2. Peerless Dad · 3. Burning Effect · 4. The God of High School · 5. 4 Cut Hero · 6. Trace · 7. Red Storm. read more

16. Top 20+ Best Action Webtoons/Manhwa To Read Right Now! – 2022


Sep 29, 2019 The whole season one of this webtoon includes many fighting scenes, … A fairy tale ending wouldn't have made any sense with this theme. read more

17. Lookism (manhwa) – Wikipedia


Lookism is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by Park Tae-joon. … He commits suicide after a fight with Daniel, while being haunted by his … read more

18. Best Manhwa 2023 [Live Rankings] – Anime Patrol


Feb 14, 2023 Webtoons or manhwa, the Korean counterpart of manga, have finally … to binge-watch makeup tutorial videos and ends up mastering the art. read more

19. 35+ POWERFUL Action Manhwa (Korean) to READ!


Even though you might think that Korean Webtoons or Manhwa are just for the Slice … his remarkable fighting abilities do not go unnoticed and he ends up … read more

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