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1. What I Wish I Had Known Before Becoming a Lawyer

Jan 6, 2022 The hard truth is that the legal profession is extremely draining. So, build a life outside work. This could look like taking regular time … read more

2. Is Being a Lawyer Worth it? 5 Things to Consider About ‘America’s …

Jun 2, 2017 1. The challenging years of law school. The process of becoming a lawyer isn't for the faint of heart. · 2. The cost of education · 3. The … read more

3. How hard is it to become a lawyer? What is the toughest state in the …

Becoming a lawyer in the US is a lengthy, expensive, but very easy proposition. In other parts of the world, law is an undergrad programme, and so only entails … read more

4. Is Being A Lawyer Stressful? The Reality of Being An Attorney | Clio

Apr 17, 2023 Many attorneys grapple with long hours, difficult clients, and ever-increasing demands daily. This blog takes a deep dive into how stressful … read more

5. Why Being a Lawyer Is Hard (With 12 Examples and Solutions …

Feb 12, 2023 12 common challenges that lawyers face · 1. Poor public image · 2. Changes in law and regulations · 3. Demand for digital literacy · 4. Low-cost … read more

6. 17 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Lawyer

Sep 18, 2020 Some lawyers may never see the inside of a courtroom, first of all, and discerning what kind of law suits you is a more complex process. read more

7. The Biggest Challenges About Becoming a Lawyer

Nov 20, 2019 Deadlines, billing pressures, client demands, long hours, changing laws, and other demands all combine to make the practice of law one of the … read more

8. Top 11 Pros and Cons of Being a Lawyer |

Mar 10, 2023 Though you may not earn this income as a new lawyer, you can work your way toward this salary with enough hard work and experience. However, … read more

9. Career Path: Why It’s So Hard Being a Good In-house Lawyer | ACC …

Dec 19, 2022 ACC Docket Career Path columnist James Bellerjeau offers helpful skills and behaviors that can take you far in the Master Skills to be … read more

10. 11 Reasons Why It’s So Hard Being A Lawyer (Part I) – Above the Law

Jun 19, 2015 What do lawyers wish non-lawyers understood about them, and why is it so hard to be a lawyer in the first place? read more

11. How Hard is It To Become a Lawyer? [Is it actually worth it 2023?]

Becoming a lawyer is a tough road, but many people find a legal career challenging and rewarding, giving them a great sense of fulfillment. read more

12. Is being a lawyer really that bad or are people just bitching? : r ……/is_being_a_lawyer_really_that_bad_or_are_ people/

Aug 9, 2017 We have Americans working hard labor every day trying to get by. I always hear lawyers complain about their biglaw jobs. read more

13. Everything You Need to Know About Becoming an Intellectual ……/everything-you-need-to-know-about-becoming-an- intellectual-property-(ip)-lawyer

It's hard to over-emphasize the importance of intellectual property law, … requirement for becoming a lawyer, regardless of the area of specialty. read more

14. It’s Hard to be a Human Being and a Lawyer: Young Attorneys and ……

It's Hard to be a Human Being and a Lawyer: Young Attorneys and the Confrontation with Ethical Ambiguity in Legal Practice. Robert Granfield. read more

15. Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Criminal Lawyer ……/everything-you-need-to-know-about-becoming-a- criminal-lawyer

Criminal law is tough—but if you're willing to rise to the challenge, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more exciting, diverse, or thought-provoking legal … read more

16. Five Things You Need to Know to Become a Sports Agent or Sports ……/5-things-know-become-sports-agent-sports- attorney.htm

Aug 6, 2018 Lawyers in the US must attend law school for three years, pass a bar … Becoming a lawyer is hard enough, being an agent is hard enough, … read more

17. Representing Yourself – getting_started_selfhelp

You are too close emotionally to the case and have a hard time seeing things … Not being a lawyer and not knowing the law is not an excuse for not … read more

18. Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Family Law Attorney…/everything-you-need-to-know-about-becoming-a- family-law-attorney

As the term implies, family lawyers focus on issues that have an impact on families. They deal with matters such as divorce proceedings, adoptions, and child … read more

19. Is Being a Lawyer and Marriage Compatible?…/is-being-lawyer-and-marriage-compatible/

Feb 5, 2021 Being married to a lawyer isn't easy; two-lawyer marriages can be … When children are younger, parents usually lament about how hard it is … read more

20. The Top 7 Benefits of Being a Lawyer

For those who work hard, the rewards of being an attorney outweigh the cost of achieving your law degree and license to practice law. The benefits of being a … read more

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