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1. Is Being a Lawyer a Dangerous Job? | UNC School of Government

Apr 2, 2013 Being a family lawyer appears to be hazardous, as this National Law Journal story reports that “[a]t least five family law attorneys [were] … read more

2. Why is it dangerous being an attorney? – Quora

The most common dangers I see for attorneys are mental health issues. The job is stressful. You're dealing with deadlines that can cost someone their life, … read more

3. Is Being a Lawyer Dangerous? –

Research seems to say that incidents of violence against lawyers are rare. Yet, in a survey of six states where lawyers were asked if they experienced violence, … read more

4. Is being a lawyer scary or dangerous? – Quora

It's extremely stressful. This is a very contentious, sometimes downright nasty job. Right now my docket has about 55 cases, which means that at least one … read more

5. 17 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Lawyer

Sep 18, 2020 Some lawyers may never see the inside of a courtroom, first of all, and discerning what kind of law suits you is a more complex process. read more

6. A matter of life and death: Bar associations respond to recent attacks …

In the past few months, several lawyers have been attacked and even … lawmakers, and the public about the escalating dangers that lawyers and judges face. read more

7. What To Do If Your Dog is in Danger of Being Declared Vicious, Or If …

An attorney can best advise you on how to protect yourself and your dog, if someone is seeking to have your dog declared dangerous. Here are the basics: The law … read more

8. Top 11 Pros and Cons of Being a Lawyer |

Mar 10, 2023 11 drawbacks of being a lawyer · 1. High-stress situations · 2. Long hours · 3. Expensive education · 4. Not as many client opportunities · 5. read more

9. Being Trump’s Lawyer Is Dangerous. Here’s Why.

Sep 13, 2022 Former President Donald Trump has a lawyer problem. And that's a risky place to be for a guy facing multiple criminal investigations. read more

10. Dangerous Dogs

(1) Inflicted severe injury on a human being without provocation on public … The law that applies to the dangerous dog is the law in effect on the actual … read more

11. § 3.2-6540. Dangerous dogs; investigation, summons, and hearing

Any law-enforcement officer or animal control officer who (i) has reason to believe that an animal is a dangerous dog and (ii) is located in the jurisdiction … read more

12. Is Being a Prosecutor a Dangerous Job? – The Crime Report…/2013-02-is-being-a-prosecutor-a-dangerous-job/

Feb 19, 2013 Of course, I reassured them that I wasn't in any real danger. After all, murdering an assistant district attorney is illogical. read more

13. Ban dangerous facial recognition technology that amplifies racist ……/ban-dangerous-facial-recognition-technology- that-amplifies-racist-policing/

Jan 26, 2021 Facial recognition risks being weaponized by law enforcement against marginalized communities around the world. From New Delhi to New York, … read more

14. Why Roads Are Becoming More Dangerous for Pedestrians ……/why-roads-are-becoming-more-dangerous-for -pedestrians

At Scholle Law, our Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyers know how devastating these collisions can be. Our attorneys are here to help every step of the way, from … read more

15. The Biggest Challenges About Becoming a Lawyer

Nov 20, 2019 The stress and demands of practicing law have fueled high levels of career dissatisfaction among members of the bar. Depression and suicide are … read more

16. State Dangerous Dog Laws | Animal Legal & Historical Center

It is important to note that a Dangerous Dog law might use the phrase "vicious dog" … Any dog which unprovoked has ever bitten or attacked a human being. read more

17. Danger Assessment |…/danger-assessment

Feb 18, 2022 … is at a greater risk of being seriously injured or killed by the abuser, … MD, J Am Acad Psychiatry Law 37:3:371-376 (September 2009) read more

18. 18 U.S. Code § 930 – Possession of firearms and dangerous …

the possession of a firearm or other dangerous weapon by a Federal official or a member of the Armed Forces if such possession is authorized by law; or. read more

19. Is being a prosecutor in the US dangerous/worrisome? : r/LawSchool…/LawSchool/…/is_being_a_prosecutor_in_the_us_ dangerousworrisome/

Jan 14, 2022 With criminal law there are several barriers that sperate the prosecutor from the defendant (defense attorneys, police, etc) but in deprived … read more

20. Workers’ Right to Refuse Dangerous Work | Occupational Safety and …

A reasonable person would agree that there is a real danger of death or serious injury; and; There isn't enough time, due to the urgency of the hazard, to get … read more

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