Orange is a happy is the color of prosperity and affluence. Painting rooms in orange hues inspire luxurious living and a sense of contentment at the end of the day. The color pairs easily with most other colors and is an easy way to elevate the level of sophistication into any room be it living, bedroom or even the kitchen.In fact, the color orange also promotes appetite so it is a must-have for all the foodies.Orange is also called the color balance. I think this primarily could be because it’s not too dark nor is it too light. It’s a perfect blend of both the categories, hence a major choice among designers today. So today lets review some interesting orange colored room decor ideas.

orange coloured room

Tips on how to embellish an Orange colored room

  1. Dark Orange Shades: There are many shades of Dark Orange to choose from when painting walls in orange. Mahogany, Yam, Amber, Bronze are to name a few. These color walls go really well with lively shades of Blue such as Azure, Admiral, Cobalt or even Berry blue. Blue and orange is an unbeatable combination to infuse in that youthful and sprightly kind of energy. This is perfect for a boy’s room, right from his childhood through his teen years. It provides the perfect combination of both, the ambitiousness that blue provides, being the color of the sky and the harmony that orange provides, being the color of harmony. You may choose to decorate this room with elegant white furniture. White will provide an affluent look to the room. Paint all the furniture in this room of the same color. Design the walls with colorful brackets and shelves. Make a side stand for your child to keep his toys and sports items. If you are using this color combo in a living space, anchor it with the use of green plants especially leafy palms, or break the pattern with Cactus and tall Euphorbia for a charming sunny disposition. You may also keep fresh flowers like Cotton Candy or Daffodils which will transform your space into the friendliest of the rooms. Use White or Creamy coloured couches or dining table and chairs depending on wherever you are using it. Pair them with a  jute rug to calm down the tone of the room. Use big sized 1950’s Italian vintage lamps or tripod lamps beside your couches to define an eclectic corner.
  1. Textured orange: If you want to paint walls in texture use burnt orange this colour pairs easily with Grey or White or Sage Green. This creates an eclectic and relaxed ambience in the rooms. Use similar coloured cushions and rugs to keep up the synchrony.Use orchids in the room to incorporate the pleasant autumn hues. To beautify it, even more, use DIY-hanging lamps and hang them at different places. Here you may choose to paint your furniture in tawny or tortilla colours. Keep the colour of the rug same to calm down the warm palette.
  1. Cantaloupe: This is one of the lightest shades of orange. If you have to decorate a room of this colour it is a tricky business. This is one of those simple yet sophisticated colours that can be both formal & stylish. You can bring alive this room by using couches of Fire or Sandstone colours. Pair them with bright Tiger coloured bowls, glasses and candle stand. Use a Blush coloured rug to finish up the work and bring everything together.
  1. Marigolds/Honey: In a room of honey colour use couches in simple monotones like Dusty Pink or Blush. Honey or Marigold shades has a bright presence to itself and we don’t want even brighter couches to take the centre stage and mar the effect of these special colours in the brightness. Use eccentric colours like Sage Green for wall fixtures and showstopper centre table of Hickory or Chocolate colours. Rethink the coffee table using small sized movable and elegant centrepieces. This colour also works marvellously with the colour Grey. But be careful when using Grey as a little extra can make it look too dark. Don’t go a shade darker than Cloud Grey or Coin Grey. Trim it neatly with whites by the edges to give a finite look. This room is going to look absolutely stunning when finished with classic furnishing and elegant Dove coloured lamps. Use a wall as an art gallery with same sized photo frames. Use an Iron or Charcoal coloured plush soft rug for an affluent look. Breathe life into the room with silverwares and silver vases filled with velvety White Roses. You may choose the classic combination of black and white checked cushions and rugs for an atmosphere of sheer luxury and intimacy. You may choose to use blinders for this place.

Finish up you orange room and astonish your family. Orange rooms are perfect for family and social gatherings promoting love and affection. So enjoy painting it up Orange!

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