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1. How to Yoyo with your First Yoyo – YouTube

Dec 24, 2015 These yoyo tips will help you get ready to start learning tricks. … your hand with the string going from your yoyo finger over the yoyo. read more

2. How to Use a Yo Yo: 12 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow

1. Slip the ring on your yo-yo's string onto your middle finger. It's best to keep it around your first knuckle, near the tip of your finger. · 2. Thrust your … read more

3. How to Yo Yo – YouTube

Feb 16, 2010 Watch more Easy Yo-Yo Tricks videos: Follow these steps and you will be spinning tricks in … read more

4. Beginner Yoyo Tricks – How to Yoyo for beginners |

Learn how to yoyo from all our beginner yoyo tricks videos. Learn to throw, adjust the string, and how to do simple tricks like elevator and walk the dog. read more

5. How to Wind A Yoyo – 4 Easy Beginner Yoyo Tricks – YouTube

Jan 31, 2020 Learn to wind a yoyo the easy way with these 4 beginner yoyo tricks. Wrap the yoyo string fast and easy. Get the Fizz … read more

6. Learn How to YoYo : 4 Steps – Instructables

The YoYo (or Yo-Yo) is a beloved toy that is fun to play with at almost any age. The YoYo has been around for a long time and will remain around for a long … read more

7. How To Yo-yo! | Learn to yo-yo the easy way!

Place the yo-yo on the ground so that it can roll. Hold your hand near the ground and walk backwards pulling gently on the string. Keep walking backwards with … read more

8. I want to learn how to yoyo. What yoyo should I get? : r/Throwers

I want to learn how to yoyo. What yoyo should I get?
by u/jellobabey in Throwers

Feb 28, 2020 10 votes, 11 comments. Hi! I want to start learning how to do yoyo tricks. I currently have a busted up Duncan Butterfly (lol). read more

9. A Beginner’s Guide to Yoyo – General Yo-Yo – YoYoExpert Forums

Jun 1, 2019 Responsive – responsive yoyos use a smaller bearing and various different kinds of response systems to allow the yoyo to sleep (approx 30 … read more

10. I REALLY want to learn how to yoyo, but I had no idea purchasing …

I REALLY want to learn how to yoyo, but I had no idea purchasing one would be this complicated. Help!
by u/chocolatespaghetti in Throwers

May 18, 2017 unresponsive yoyos do not come back up unless you 'bind' the yoyo. Modern string tricks are geared towards unresponsive play (most people here … read more

11. Healthy weight loss: How to stop the yo-yo effect. | Bangkok Hospital

A challenging problem that many people face when trying to lose weight is the so called yo-yo effect. It is defined as weight cycling in reference to the … read more

12. How to Yo-Yo with Dazzling Dave

Yo-Yo Lessons (Virtual or In-person). Learning in person is the best way to gain the skill and confidence to become a great yo-yo player. read more

13. Your Body’s Reaction To Yo-Yo Diets Explained

Apr 24, 2022 Stuck in a cycle of weight loss followed by weight gain? See how yo-yo diets can make it harder for you to lose weight. These tips show what … read more

14. How To Change The String | YOYO INFO BASE by Yo-Yo Store …

How do I replace my old string? There are many different types of strings, which one should I get? 100% Polyester; 50/50 Mix: Cotton/Poly … read more

15. Tutorials – Duncan Toys

Duncan® Tutorial Videos. Check out these video categories below to learn how to master the art of the YoYo. If you are just a beginner, click the beginner … read more

16. how to tie a yoyo loop – General Yo-Yo – YoYoExpert Forums

Nov 18, 2009 im 12 and the string i get from the package is always to long for me and i want to cut it but i dont know how to make the loop that connects … read more

17. EP3 Andre Boulay – The Man Who Taught Me How To Yoyo (Part 2 …

May 28, 2019 Yoyoexpert's origin story and ultimately Andre's ambitions for the future. I had an absolute blast interviewing Andre, I hope you guys … read more

18. Linking Steam Account to your GameMaker Account – GameMaker ……/216757298-Linking-Steam-Account-to-your- GameMaker-Account

Oct 17, 2022 … link will open a new window where you will be requested to sign into Steam and confirm that the account is to be linked to YoYo Games. read more

19. Beginner — Mr. Yoyothrower

Tutorial – A talk about the basic types of Yo-yo. How to Put a String on a Yo-Yo Tutorial. How to put the Yo-Yo string on your finger. How to throw a yoyo … read more

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