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1. Nitro Type | Competitive Typing Game | Race Your Friends

Mar 29, 2023 Improve your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with up to 5 typers from around the world. Compete against your friends, earn new … read more

2. In Nitro Type

In Nitro Type … Nitros are used to skip a word or number while racing. Pressing the "enter" key on the keyboard or pressing the "return" key on mobile triggers … read more

3. Nitro Type Review for Teachers | Common Sense Education

Nitro Type works best for typing practice only. No lessons are provided, nor are kids reminded about 10-finger typing, but the emphasis on accuracy encourages … read more

4. Race Now – 100% Free | Nitro Type

Get ready for Nitro Type – the next generation of competitive typing games. There are no better free typing games on earth! read more

5. 3 Ways to Play Nitro Type – wikiHow

Nitro Type is a free, competitive typing game where players compete in mini drag-race typing tests while improving their keyboarding speed and accuracy. read more

6. Typing Lessons | Nitro Type Lessons –

Have you played our awesome multiplayer typing game, Nitro Type? This lesson features typing screens taken directly from Nitro Type! read more

7. Nitro Type Teacher Portal

Teacher Login. Don't have an account? Sign Up Free. You are logging in to: Logging in as. Start Over. Email or Username. Password read more

8. Nitro Type – Racing Typing Games

The game uses colorful cartoons that interact and communicate with the players, easily guiding them through all the stages of touch typing. The game teaches you … read more

9. Nitro Type Teacher Portal

Create Your Free Teacher Account. Already Have An Account? Log In. Tell Us About Your School/Organization. Start Over. Select an Organization Type: School. read more

10. What is Nitro Type?

Jul 31, 2022 Nitro Type is a free online game created by Austin Butler from that was first launched on September 8, 2011, and later released … read more

11. Nitro Math | Competitive Math Game | Play With Your Friends

Mar 29, 2023 The trusted creators of the world's most popular keyboarding software,, have put their years of education expertise behind Nitro Type … read more

12. General tips | Nitro – type guide and tips Wiki | Fandom

How to activate (use) a nitro: Hit the ENTER key. This will lower your speed slightly, until you can do it quickly and efficiently. Try to only use nitros on … read more

13. Instance types – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud…/instance-types.html

Instance type namesAvailable instance typesHardware specificationsAMI virtualization typesInstances built on the Nitro SystemNetworking and storage … read more

14. nitrotype · GitHub Topics · GitHub

An easy-to-use, working NitroType hack for typing at insane speeds! [~200-4,000 WPM] [~100% … A fully-featured, yet intuitive CLI bot for Nitro Type. read more

15. Nitro Type – Clever application gallery | Clever

Nitro Type is a fast paced typing game where students race against each other in a fun, safe & entertaining drag race setting. Nitro Type pushes students' … read more

16. Nitro Type YouTubers | Nitro Type Racer Profile Wiki | Fandom

Nitro Type YouTubers are people who create YouTube content for Nitro Type. Here is a list of notable NT YouTubers: Penguin Typer Ace Typer Speed Typing … read more

17. nitrotype – npm

Aug 13, 2018 Client for the unofficial Nitro Type API.. Latest version: 1.0.0, last published: 5 years ago. Start using nitrotype in your project by … read more

18. How to use nitros in Nitro Type | Nitro Type Guide & Tips

Nitros allow you to skip a word in the text. The best time to use nitros is on long or extra hard words. To activate a nitro press the enter key. read more

19. Nitro Type (@NitroType) / Twitter

Nitro Type. @NitroType. Worldwide real-time #typing competition! The most popular game for students building keyboarding skills. Ready, Set, GO. read more

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