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1. Responses to “¿Qué Pasa?” |

Learn how to respond to the question "¿Qué pasa? … Keep in mind that ¿Qué pasa? is not a phrase you hear or say in formal situations or to someone you … read more

2. How to respond in Spanish to someone who asks you ‘¿Qué pasa …

As Alison Sendon pointed out, the statement is informal. It is also not spelled correctly. · The “estás” is the informal, second person version of “estar” (one … read more

3. ¿Qué pasa? – How to respond | Answers

I know 'qué pasa' means 'what's happening' or 'what's going on' but I am not sure how to respond when someone asks me this question. read more

4. 10 Epic Ways to Respond to ‘Qué tal’

Jul 8, 2023 Of course, this begs the questions, what does 'qué tal' mean and how (on earth!) do you respond … Well, in this article I´m going to let you in … read more

5. What should I respond when someone says, ‘hola, qué haces’ in …

It's like when an English person asks how you are. He doesn't want a medical report. He just wants the answer “fine”. So a nice way to respond to “qué haces” … read more

6. If someone says to you “Que tal?” or “Que pasa?” instead of “Como …

If someone says to you "Que tal?" or "Que pasa?" instead of "Como estas?" how should you respond?
by u/my_fault_mods in learnspanish

Oct 10, 2022 If someone says to you "Que tal?" or "Que pasa?" instead of "Como estas?" how should you respond? Whenever someone says "Que tal?" or "Que pasa? read more

7. Please show me example sentences with “how do you reply to “Que …

Sep 15, 2017 Honestly "que onda" can be very vague. As a native speaker I could tell you that sometimes I don't even know how to answer to that except … read more

8. How can you respond to the question “que bola”? : r/cuba

How can you respond to the question "que bola"?
by u/Mission_Telephone_64 in cuba

Jul 28, 2022 Is "que bola" more of a passing statement that doesn't really want an answer and acts as a replacement for "hola"? Or when someone asks "que … read more

9. 11 Correct Responses to Que Pasa – Correctley

Responding to greetings can be very easy in virtually every case. However, some greetings require special responses. Don't get me wrong; Que Pasa is not one of … read more

10. selección de palabras – Proper response to “¿Qué me cuentas …

First, at least in Madrid, Spain, is commonly used as "¿Qué te cuentas?" with "te", not "me". A nice answer would start with something like "Nada", … read more

11. Que Dia Es Hoy? (What day Is Today?) How To Ask and say the ……/que_dia_es_hoy–what_day_is_today-how_to _ask_and_say_the_days_of_the_week_in_spanish

Oct 26, 2012 Then You need to know how to say the days in spanish and respond … Some random person comes out of nowhere and is like "¿Qué dia es hoy? read more

12. Respond in Spanish Like a Native: Common Spanish Phrases …

Mar 27, 2011 “Para que conste” means that something is obvious or evident, and is usually used with the same meaning as our expressions “for the record” (“ … read more

13. Que lo que |

Jan 22, 2008 Que Lo Que? or Keloke? like the first reply means What's up. This slang came from "Que es lo Que esta pasando" or "What's happening?". read more

14. Qué Tal vs Cómo Estás: What’s the Difference?…/que-tal-vs-como-estas-whats-the-difference/

Jan 29, 2023 Today, I'm explaining the subtle differences between these two greeting questions and how native speakers use them and answer them. Join more … read more

15. Direct Reply-to — RabbitMQ

The direct reply-to feature allows RPC clients to receive replies directly from their RPC server, without going through a reply queue. read more

16. How would you answer Que comes? – Answers

Apr 28, 2022 It means: what are you eating? You would answer by saying either: "Como….." or "Estoy comiendo….." followed by whatever you are eating … read more

17. saludos – Proper response to ¿Qué onda? – Spanish Language ……/proper-response-to-qué-onda

Dec 14, 2011 Possible responses are: Nada. Aquí nada más. Todo bien. Todo perfecto. Echándole ganas. Echándole. Aquí echándole (ganas). read more

18. ¿Qué tiempo hace? – Talking about the weather in Spanish | Maria ……/que-tiempo-hace-talking-about-the-weather- in-spanish/

Nov 7, 2012 2 thoughts on “¿Qué tiempo hace? – Talking about the weather in Spanish”. Reply ↓. Sammy January … read more

19. Qué tal: Meaning, uses, and comparison with Cómo estás

This version of qué tal in English is almost as informal as our last one. It's almost rhetorical, though the other person can respond with a quick reply. read more

20. Qué tal, qué pasa, qué onda, cómo andas (replies) | WordReference ……/qué-tal-qué-pasa-qué-onda-cómo-andas- replies.2330719/

Hey everybody I was wondering if someone could tell me the usual responses to these greetings. Thanks. read more

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