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1. The queue to see Queen Elizabeth’s coffin: Brits do what they do …

Sep 15, 2022 We are talking, of course, about the queue which Britons must join in order to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II. read more

2. Queue for Queen’s lying-in-state reaches capacity and entry is …

Sep 16, 2022 The queue to see the Queen lying in state at Westminster Hall is at capacity and has been paused for new joiners, the government has said. read more

3. The Queue – Wikipedia

The Queue was a nickname for the queue of mourners who waited to file past the coffin of Queen Elizabeth II while she lay in state at Westminster Hall in … read more

4. Queen’s lying-in-state: How long was the queue? – BBC News

Sep 19, 2022 There were huge queues along the banks of the River Thames, where people waited to pay their respects to the Queen. People were told not to set … read more

5. In the queue to see Queen Elizabeth II, mourners make history and …

Sep 17, 2022 On Friday, the line โ€” referred to in England as the queue โ€” to see the queen lying in state at Westminster Hall hit five miles and had to be … read more

6. God save the Queue: how the wait to see the Queen’s coffin …

Sep 20, 2022 Time and again, queues, and this one in particular, have been described as quintessentially and uniquely British: polite, restrained and orderly … read more

7. LONDON DIARY: Reflections from the queue to mourn the queen …

Sep 16, 2022 LONDON (AP) โ€” A foreign correspondent, a consultant, a businessman, a retired accountant and his wife stand in a line for nearly eight hours … read more

8. Queue time to view Queen Elizabeth’s coffin hits 24 hours | PBS …

Sep 16, 2022 The mourners kept silently streaming into Westminster Hall even as King Charles III and his three siblings stood vigil around the … read more

9. The queue for Queen Elizabeth II’s viewing is very long – and very …

Sep 15, 2022 In line for the queen, people formed little queuing families. As they hours stretched on, they banded together and offered comfort. They shared … read more

10. Queue route announced for Her Majesty The Queen’s Lying-in-State …

Sep 13, 2022 Queue will begin on the Albert Embankment and continue to Southwark Park; Volunteers from the Scouts, Samaritans, The British Red Cross, … read more

11. Queen Elizabeth II: Queues Run to 30 Hours as People Pay Respects…/queen-elizabeth-ii-queues-run-to-30-hours-as -people-pay-respects

Sep 15, 2022 While it fits with a national stereotype, the orderly 30-hour, 5-mile-long queue for the lying-in-state of Queen Elizabeth II is about more … read more

12. How the queue to see the Queen lying in state is sparking a London ……/how-the-queue-to-see-the-queen-lying-in-state-is- sparking-a-london-tourism-revival/

Sep 16, 2022 Queue to see Queen Elizabeth lying in state. Thousands of people are descending on London, where the Queen will lie in state for the next … read more

13. Funny Tweets About The Queue To See Queen’s Casket…/queue-london-queen-coffin-funny-tweets

Sep 15, 2022 The Queue, 2025. Olivia Coleman stars as a Royal fanatic who must queue for 5 days to see a box covered in flags, all whilst dealing with her … read more

14. Mourning and Camaraderie in the Queue to See the Queen | The ……/mourning-and-camaraderie-in-the-queue-to- see-the-queen

Sep 20, 2022 Matt Stuart's observational film โ€œHer Majesty's Queueโ€ follows the line of mourners that wound through London in the days leading up to Queen … read more

15. How to Design the Perfect Queue, According to Crowd Science …

Sep 17, 2022 The line to see Queen Elizabeth II lying in state is snaking across central London. Could it have been done better? read more

16. Queen Elizabeth II’s death: Thousands line up to pay respects…/queen-elizabeth-iis-death-thousands-line-up-pay -respects-queue-rcna47856

Sep 15, 2022 The queen's queue: Thousands gather in miles-long line to pay their final respects. โ€œIt's our 49th wedding anniversary,โ€ said a woman who … read more

17. What Is the Queue, and How Long Was the Wait?

Sep 19, 2022 For four days, the Queue was the hottest spot in England. Thousands of people waited for hours on end to get a brief visit with the queen, … read more

18. 14 hours in The Queue before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral | British GQ

Sep 18, 2022 No sane person wants stale French fries that much; they queued to make a statement. The Queue is not just about the Queen. You join the Queue to … read more

19. How to join the queue to see the Queen Lying in State | CN Traveller…/how-to-join-the-queue-to-see-the-queen-lying -in-state

Sep 16, 2022 The Queen's coffin is Lying in State at Westminster Hall until the morning of her funeral on Monday 19 September. Here's everything we know … read more

20. Queen Elizabeth II Coffin Queue Is Longest Ever, Mourners’ 24hr ……/queen-elizabeth-coffin-queue-longest-history- mourners-24-hours-wait-1235121397/

Sep 17, 2022 It has reportedly become the longest queue in history, as tens of thousands of people continue to line up to pay their respects to the late … read more

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