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1. No-Lift Shift Systems 101: Keeping Your Foot On The Floor While …

May 10, 2020 ' This nolift shift required drivers to move from one gear to the next without taking their foot off the gas, with the idea being that the … read more

2. General Motors No Lift Shift Technology | GM Authority

No Lift Shift (NLS) is a General Motors propulsion technology for cars with manual transmissions that allows the driver to keep the gas pedal to the floor … read more

3. GM’s No-Lift Shift Will Turn Your Mind to Jelly – Autotrader

Oct 17, 2016 Nolift shift only works under full throttle: The engine's electronics recognize what you are doing and hold the revs at just the right point … read more

4. What is no-lift shift? | Jerry

A nolift shift transmission allows a driver to shift at high RPMs without taking their foot off the gas pedal. Read more for some cars that come equipped … read more

5. What is no-lift shifting? How does it work? : r/cars

What is no-lift shifting? How does it work?
by u/ThinkingGuppy in cars

Apr 23, 2022 no lift shifting is an ECU feature. on h-pattern synchro cars it cuts ignition as soon as you push the clutch in the re-engages when you release … read more

6. Why no-lift shifting is a really bad idea

Jul 14, 2019 You may have heard the term before: "nolift shifting." It's the process of foregoing the clutch altogether and simply popping the car into … read more

7. No Lift Shift Overview

No Lift Shift allows you to shift through the gears with a manual transmission without lifting the throttle. The benefits are obvious even with a naturally … read more

8. APR Motorsport Launch Limiter and No-Lift Shift Tutorial – APR Blog

Jul 10, 2015 APR's Motorsport Launch Limiter and NoLift Shift are two new features designed to improve acceleration. Jamie demonstrates how to use each … read more

9. No Lift Shift Question | Cadillac V-Series Forums – For Owners and …

Sep 10, 2022 No lift shift is a great feature for track driving. You are tracking out of a corner in 3rd and there's a straightaway where you bang it into … read more

10. “Neutral Drop” No Lift Shift T-Shirt | S3 Power Sports

Shop for "Neutral Drop" No Lift Shift T-Shirts in the S3 Power Sports store! Represent the #S3Nation with style when you sport the freshest gear on the … read more

11. Veloster Ns have a No Lift Shift? [Answer: no.] | Hyundai N-cars i30 ……/veloster-ns-have-a-no-lift-shift-answer-no.5125/

May 12, 2020 Mate, every manual equipped car has "nolift shifting," if you want to attempt it. The only thing keeping you from floating & bending valves or … read more

12. No Lift Shift on ZL1 1LE – CAMARO6

Sep 19, 2020 So I was just over my break-in miles and thought I'd try out the no lift shift feature with a highway pull. I was in 3rd gear going to 4th … read more

13. Shift even at full throttle – the No-Lift Shift function! |

Feb 26, 2020 The nolift shift function is designed so that the actuation of the clutch is registered. The speed is then regulated to an adjustable level. read more

14. No-lift Shifting in a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1…/no-lift-shifting-in-a-2014-chevrolet-camaro- zl1-247129/

Sep 27, 2013 60 Seconds With: Road test editor Chris Nelson shows off one of the 2014 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1's coolest features: nolift shift. read more

15. No Lift Shift Setup Help – Holley Performance Products Forums…/364321-no-lift-shift-setup-help

Aug 29, 2022 I'm trying to figure out how to setup a NO LIFT SHIFT or FLAT SHIFTING table as there's no secondary rev limiter available natively in … read more

16. PIC6454 Information on the “No Lift Shift” feature.

Apr 29, 2022 referred to as "No Lift Shift" on a 6th Generation Camaro equipped with a manual transmission. Concern. The feature that is referred to as … read more

17. N2MB WOT Box 2 Step Launch Control & No Lift Shift, Electronics ……No_Lift_Shift/03-05-neon-srt-4- electronics

No lift shifting allows you to keep the gas pedal floored in between shifts so you do not lose boost between gears, AND the 2 step allows you to program a set … read more

18. Launch Control and No Lift Shift Configuration – VersaTune User …

Nov 9, 2011 Launch Control/No Lift Shift is enabled and configured in Tune Customizer which is accessed from the Settings button on the Home tab of … read more

19. No Lift Shift – Rennlist – Porsche Discussion Forums…/1158592-no-lift-shift.html

Aug 27, 2019 991 GT3, GT3RS, GT2RS and 911R – No Lift Shift – Another great video by Mr JWW that explains how the GT3 manual is like having 3 different … read more

20. WOT Box? (No lift shift) – 2Addicts | BMW 2-Series forum

Nov 18, 2018 WOT Box? (No lift shift) N55 (M235i) Engine, Transmission, Exhaust, Tuning. read more

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