Strawberries are one of the most succulent fruits that are part of our wonderful world. Growing fresh strawberries is something I have always wanted to do but always thought that I needed a vast area of land, and a planned garden to be able to do successfully, but not so, according to this idea I just discovered. When I saw this amazing video by Garden Answer on Youtube, I was amazed at the possibility of being able to grow gorgeous strawberries in a small space, such as a patio or porch. This project is so fantastic, even the person with hardly any outdoor space at all can grow a wonderful fruit crop.



  • A laundry basket (most will work, but a basket with large holes will work best)
  • A burlap bag (you can get these from the feed store or local hardware store)
  • Soil (the best potting soil you can find will be great)
  • Scissors (to cut holes for your strawberry plants)
  • Plants for the top (I would use another berry or herbs)


First, you will place the burlap sack inside the laundry basket and add your top-grade potting soil. 

Make a planter for strawberries from a laundry basket

Then, get your scissors and cut holes in the bag, through the hole opening in the laundry basket.

Strawberries gown in a small space in a laundry basket

This is one of the very best at home gardening ideas I have ever seen. I watch a lot of DIY gardening videos, but this one really stands out. What a great idea!

How To Make A Strawberry Planter Out Of A Laundry Basket