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1. How to Julienne Carrots Recipe – Love and Lemons

To julienne carrots with a peeler, place a large carrot, long-side-down, on a flat surface. Hold the carrot by its thick end, and drag the peeler down the … read more

2. How to prepare julienne carrots

Step 1: Peel the carrots and cut into 8cm lengths. Trim 1 side and turn to lie flat. · Step 2: Carefully cut 1 trimmed carrot piece lengthways into 2-4mm thick … read more

3. How to Julienne Carrots (Carrot Matchsticks)

Jul 15, 2022 The Proper Size of Julienned Carrots. When you julienne carrots, plan to make each matchstick about 2 inches long. You can extend this to 3 … read more

4. How to Julienne Carrots – Culinary Hill

Jul 21, 2020 Trim off stem end and root tip of carrot. · Working with one piece of carrot at a time, slice off one side of each “log” to make a flat surface. read more

5. Japanese chef reveals easy way to julienne carrots – Japan Today

Jun 23, 2022 Cut the carrot into two or three pieces to create the appropriate lengths: 3 to 5 cm for a julienne cut, 4 to 5 cm for the hosogiri cut. Holding … read more

6. How to Julienne Carrots (Matchstick Cut) – Cookin’ Canuck

Feb 5, 2011 If you've ever seen the words "carrot, julienned" in a recipe ingredients list, you're probably wondering how to julienne carrots and what … read more

7. How to Julienne Carrots | Cooking School | Food Network

Feb 27, 2023 Stack the planks on top of one another and cut them lengthwise into 1/8-inch thick strips. This is your julienne cut! Can You Julienne Carrots … read more

8. How to Julienne Carrots Like a Pro | Cook’s Illustrated

Jan 14, 2023 The Fastest, Easiest Way to Julienne Carrots. 1. Starting at top of carrot, cut on bias to create oblong slices. (For longer matchsticks, cut at … read more

9. How to Julienne Carrots with Martha Stewart – YouTube

Feb 20, 2015 Julienne carrots like a pro with Martha's stack-and-slice method for perfect pieces. Brought to you by Martha Stewart: … read more

10. How To Julienne Carrots

1 day ago How To Julienne Carrots · Peel Carrots · Cut With A Sharp Knife · Or Cut Using A Mandoline · Make Additional Cuts · Slice Carrots Lengthwise · Stack … read more

11. How To Julienne Vegetables

With a carrot, the easiest way is to cut it into even slices going at a 30 to 25-degree angle, semi lengthwise. You might end up with small pieces of carrot … read more

12. 3 Ways to Julienne Carrots – wikiHow

Slice the halves down the middle lengthwise. Take your carrot halves and use your knife to cut them each down the middle lengthwise. Be careful to curl your … read more

13. HOW TO: Julienne Carrots — Brenalou Bakes.

May 7, 2020 Julienne, or matchstick, carrots add beauty to any dish. Brenda saw an ingenious hack for beautiful julienned carrots on Instagram. read more

14. Quick Pickled Vegetables | The Modern Proper

Jul 8, 2020 How To Julienne Carrots and Daikon Radishes · Peel your carrots and daikon, and trim the ends. · Cut them, crosswise, into even pieces. · Take one … read more

15. How to Julienne Carrots Like a Pro…/how-to-julienne-carrots

May 9, 2017 Cut the carrot pieces lengthwise into ⅛-inch thick slices. Stack the slices on top of each other, then slice lengthwise into ⅛-inch thick … read more

16. How To Julienne Carrots – My Kitchen Gadgets

Sep 13, 2022 Next, use a julienne peeler or sharp knife to cut the carrots into thin strips. Once you've julienned all of your carrots, you can use them … read more

17. Learn Knife Skills: How to Julienne Carrots and Onions 3 Ways ……/learn-knife-skills-how-to-julienne-carrots-and -onions-3-ways

Aug 10, 2021 How to Julienne Carrots · The classic French method. Peel the carrot and cut it into 2 to 3-inch lengths. · The simpler method. Starting with the … read more

18. Vietnamese Food, Recipes, and More: How … – Wandering Chopsticks…/how-to-julienne-carrots-and-other.html

Sep 3, 2011 How to Julienne Carrots and Other Vegetables There's really not much to it. You can slice the carrot into segments and then slice them again … read more

19. How to Julienne: 3 Techniques for Any Type of Ingredient | Misen

Oct 8, 2019 Carrots are a popular vegetable, perfect for a julienne, as it helps break down the dense vegetable and create a lighter crunch. Start by … read more

20. How to Cut Julienne Strips (2 Ways!) – Evolving Table

May 11, 2022 Using a sharp chef's knife, slice everything from carrots to cucumbers to bell peppers in fine, thin strips. Julienned vegetables have loads … read more

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