How To Get To Revantusk Village

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1. How do i reach Revantusk Village from hammerfell? – World of …

It's just northeast of Durnholde Keep. When you get to the Hinterlands you basically have to run all the way east to the beach to get to Revantusk. Heh, first … read more

2. Revantusk Village question

Anyone have any advice on getting here, without having to make a suicide leap from the cliffs above? For the life (or death) of me I read more

3. Revantusk Village – Quest – World of Warcraft

Feb 26, 2018 North of here in the Hinterlands is Revantusk Village, home to the only forest troll tribe still allied with the Horde. Even they cannot escape … read more

4. How to get into hinterlands?

You will find the Horde outpost, Revantusk Village. Alliance From Southshore, head northeast. Eventually you should come to a break in the … read more

5. Revantusk Village – Wowpedia – Your wiki guide to the World of …

You can find the port village on the coast of the Hinterlands. Before patch 1.11, you could get quests there which increased your reputation with the Revantusk … read more

6. Revantusk Village Location, WoW Classic – YouTube

Aug 7, 2019 Where is Revantusk Village, Vanilla WoW. … How to Get to Outland from Orgrimmar – WoW WotLK Tutorial. Bald6David•1.2K views. read more

7. Are you Horde? Around level 45? Feeling… lost? – WoW Classic …

Sep 24, 2019 I avoided making the trek all the way to Revantusk Village (because, … After leaving the village and getting back on the mainland, … read more

8. Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands | WoW Classic

Get directions to and from "Revantusk Village, The Hinterlands" in WoW Classic. Get Directions. +−. Leaflet | Map © Blizzard Entertainment | Credit /u/ … read more

9. Hinterlands | Classic WoW Wiki | Fandom

The Wildhammers have always been staunch allies of the Alliance. It is from the Hinterlands that … You will find the Horde outpost, Revantusk Village. read more

10. Alah’Thalas & Revantusk village vital additions – Turtle WoW

Hello I'd like to suggest adding the following features to the two new hubs to make them less useless and dead: -bank -Auction house read more

11. Revantusk Village | WoWWiki | Fandom

You can find the village on the coast of the Hinterlands. Before patch 1.11, you could get quests there which increased your reputation with the Revantusk … read more

12. Revantusk rep quests in Amani’alor – Turtle WoW

Has there been a change to the Amani'alor village? I can get the quest to light the three fires but can't get the quest for the herbs and … read more

13. Satisfying moments in any MMO. Haven’t felt this since Revantusk ……/satisfying_moments_in_any_mmo_havent_felt_ this/

May 24, 2021 Haven't felt this since Revantusk Village in the Hinterlands! … You do get some pretty delicious pork chops and baby back ribs out of it, … read more

14. Revantusk reputation – Turtle WoW

This takes too long or large amount of gold to get revered, meanwhile gear presented is 5pp-dungeon quality like. read more

15. Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village – Quest – Classic …

You have been tasked with the decimation of 20 Vilebranch Berserkers, 20 Vilebranch Shadow Hunters, 20 Vilebranch Blood Drinkers, and 20 Vilebranch Soul Eaters. read more

16. How To Get To Hinterlands And Horde Flight Path

Dec 17, 2020 I'm going to show you how to get to Hinterlands in Wow classic. … You will then reach Revantusk Village in south-east. read more

17. WoW® Classic: Getting around Azeroth — World of Warcraft ……of…/wow-classic-getting-around-azeroth

Sep 19, 2019 Horde Flight Paths ; Sunrock Retreat. Stonetalon Mountains. Revantusk Village ; Gadgetzan. Tanaris. Tarren Mill ; Crossroads. The Barrens. read more

18. Horde leveling tips

Apr 13, 2020 With the x7 xp boost, I have been leveling as a Blood Elf in Eversong … Once you reach level 45, I recommend heading to Revantusk Village … read more

19. I am almost 59 and still have plenty of quests to do – WoW Classic ……/96757

Oct 20, 2019 How come people always say you have to grind the last 2-3 levels of Classic? … Revantusk Village, right? I did 2-3 levels from that. read more

20. Revantusk reputation?

I thought that the Revantusk trolls in the Hinterlands were neutral towards me (Undead warlock) and that I saw the reputation bar go up a bit after doing … read more

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