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1. What Does it Mean to Have a Lawyer on Retainer? – FindLaw

When someone threatens to call “their” lawyer, it likely means that they have a lawyer "on retainer." To have a lawyer on retainer means that you – the client – … read more

2. What to Expect When You Hire an Attorney on Retainer

Dec 30, 2022 If there is money left in the trust account at the end of the project, you get that back. A special retainer is a flat fee that you would pay … read more

3. The Importance of Having an Attorney On Retainer

Establishing a retainer agreement with your lawyer is a way to insure your freedom is guaranteed when you find yourself subject to unjust arrests or police … read more

4. What is a Retainer for a Lawyer? – Learn more

A retainer for a lawyer is a payment based on a fee agreement between an attorney and a client. The retainer amount is paid upfront and is based on the … read more

5. Should Your Business Have an Attorney on Retainer?

What Does it Mean to Have a Lawyer on Retainer? When you hire an attorney on retainer, it means you deposit an upfront legal retainer fee in advance, which goes … read more

6. 5 Questions To Ask An Attorney Before Giving A Retainer

Nov 14, 2021 Make sure that the law firm handles your case. Let me give you some examples. A family law attorney probably is not the best one to go to for a … read more

7. retainer | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute

Retainers are a type of compensation agreement with lawyers either for reserving their employment or as compensation for future services. read more

8. What Does It Mean to Have a Lawyer on Retainer? –

Jul 10, 2021 A retainer fee is the upfront payment made to a lawyer in exchange for legal representation. The amount is usually paid in advance for services … read more

9. What Is A Lawyer Retainer? 2023 Guide – Forbes Advisor

Apr 20, 2023 A retainer is a sum of money you provide to a lawyer or law firm in order to initiate a lawyer-client relationship with that attorney or firm. read more

10. Hiring a Lawyer | Michigan Legal Help

The retainer is like a down payment for your lawyer's services. The fee will sit in a separate account, called a trust account. The lawyer is only allowed to … read more

11. Is it worth having a lawyer on retainer? – Quora

When you have a lawyer on retainer it generally means that the lawyer is actively representing you. For the average person, the only time they will have a … read more

12. 10 Reasons to Have a Lawyer on Retainer for Your Small Business small-business/

Mar 21, 2022 As a lawyer on retainer, they are contracted to protect your business and help you avoid legal proceedings, lawsuits, and other legal issues. read more

13. What to Expect Regarding Fees and Billing…Attorney/What-to-Expect-Regarding-Fees-and- Billing

Retainer fee. … Make sure you understand your retainer agreement. … you will have to pay such costs directly or if you will be reimbursing the lawyer … read more

14. Lawyer Retainers: Definition, Purpose, and Ethics | LawPay

Mar 1, 2023 A retainer for a lawyer is a fee paid upfront by the client to secure the services of an attorney. It essentially "reserves" the time and … read more

15. What Is a Legal Retainer and How Does It Work? | Fenza Legal ……/what-is-a-legal-retainer-and-how-does-it-work/

Oct 1, 2019 A retainer is the client's way of guaranteeing to the lawyer that the client is financially able to employ the lawyer's services and is … read more

16. Hiring A Lawyer

Typically, under fixed fee and hourly fee arrangements, the lawyer will also ask for a “retainer,” which is an advance on future legal work. The retainer is … read more

17. Retainer Fee – Overview, How Retainer Agreements Work, Importance

Dec 5, 2022 A contingency fee agreement provides that the lawyer does not get paid unless he wins the case. If the case ends in favor of the client, the … read more

18. Does My Small Business Need a Lawyer on Retainer?…/does-my-small-business-need-a-lawyer-on- retainer/

“In Washington, retainer is a set amount that you agree to pay an attorney to be available at a specified period, but may not go toward any services,” says … read more

19. Do You Need a Lawyer on Retainer for your HOA? Yes. – Dania ……/do-you-need-a-lawyer-on-retainer-for- your-hoa-yes/

Feb 19, 2021 It all depends on your community's needs. But before you retain an attorney, make sure you vet them as you would any other vendor. Speak with … read more

20. What Does It Mean to Have an Attorney on Retainer? – Beasley and … retainer/

Sep 16, 2021 In essence, having a lawyer on retainer (also called an attorney on retainer) means having an established lawyer-client relationship with a … read more

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