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1. How to Force Restart a MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro …

Apr 30, 2020 Otherwise, try holding down the Control (Ctrl) key and pressing the power button. If the system shutdown dialog appears, select Restart from the … read more

2. Shut down or restart your Mac – Apple Support

Important: You can force a shutdown if necessary—for example, if your Mac becomes unresponsive—by pressing and holding the power button until your Mac shuts … read more

3. 3 Ways to Hard Restart Mac or MacBook – EaseUS

Jul 20, 2023 Hard Restart Mac FAQs · Press and hold the "Command," "Control," and "Power" keys at once. · Once it is shut, press only the "Power" button and … read more

4. Ways to start up your Mac – Apple Support

Normally you can restart your Mac by choosing Apple menu > Restart. However, in some cases—for example, if your Mac becomes unresponsive—you may need to use … read more

5. How to restart MacBooks in multiple ways

Jan 23, 2023 Enter the following command: sudo shutdown -r; Replace with the specific time you'd like to reboot your Mac: type “now” for immediate reboot, or … read more

6. Mac won’t restart? 6 tips to fix it

Feb 15, 2023 Press Command-Option-Escape or Apple Menu > Force Quit to see this dialog box. If there are any applications still running, select them one at a … read more

7. How to Force Restart or Hard Reset MacBook

Feb 27, 2023 How to Hard Reset MacBook Air or MacBook Pro · To force a restart your MacBook, you need to press and hold down the Command (⌘) button, the … read more

8. 3 Ways to Restart or Force Shut Down Any Frozen Mac

Sep 7, 2022 How to Force Shut Down or Restart Your Mac · 1. Hold the Power Button · 2. Use a Keyboard Shortcut · 3. Drain the Battery. read more

9. The quickest way to force-restart your Mac if it’s frozen

Nov 22, 2022 How to quickly forcerestart a Mac · Press and hold down the Command and Control keys with the power button. The power button is also a Touch ID‌ … read more

10. How to force shutdown or restart a frozen Mac?

Mar 16, 2022 However, if it doesn?t work, you must press the Control + Command + Power buttons simultaneously and force shut down your Mac. This time, press … read more

11. How to Restart a MacBook Pro

Aug 29, 2021 How to Restart a MacBook Pro: Keyboard · Hold down the Control + Command + power/eject/Touch ID button simultaneously until the screen darkens … read more

12. macos – Using The Terminal Command to Shutdown, Restart and ……/using-the-terminal-command-to- shutdown-restart-and-sleep-my-mac

Sep 28, 2013 The command takes a parameter -h , -r or -s to shut down, restart or sleep the Mac. The command has to be run as root so you need to use … read more

13. How to Force Restart M1 Mac | OSXDaily

Feb 8, 2021 Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Control–Command–Power buttons to force your Mac to restart without being prompted … read more

14. How to Restart a Mac Computer in 4 Different Ways

May 13, 2019 Press the "control," the "command" and the eject keys at the same time. 2. Beware, this will immediately restart your computer and you may lose … read more

15. 3 Ways to Force Shut Down or Restart Your Mac[2023]…/force-shut-down-restart-mac.html

There are a few ways that you can force restart a Mac. The first, and probably most obvious, is to simply press the power button. There are very few times that … read more

16. How to Force Restart or Shut Down Mac When Frozen – Guiding Tech

Feb 1, 2023 If you are on iMac, you will find the power button behind the screen's bottom-left corner. And much like Mac, long-press the power button to … read more

17. How to Restart Or Force Restart Your Mac Quickly?

Force restart your Mac with keyboard commands. Hold down the Control + Command + Power button / Touch ID / Eject keys at the same time for a few seconds. Your … read more

18. How to Restart a Stuck iMac

On Mac, though, that key combination is Command-Option-Escape. This will pull up a box labeled Force Quit Applications. Here you can simply highlight the … read more

19. Restart Docker from command line – Docker Desktop for Mac …

Apr 18, 2016 The best way is to Quit and Re-Open Docker for Mac. There is a pinata restart command but it's for troubleshooting only and will likely … read more

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