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1. How to Play Qwop (with Pictures) – wikiHow

Once your front calf is tilted a little forward of vertical, hit Q and W vigorously to clear the hurdle. It's very hard to do this without falling over. If you' … read more

2. Just figured out an algorithm to beat QWOP. : r/gaming

Just figured out an algorithm to beat QWOP.
by u/HenryAudubon in gaming

Mar 16, 2011 Just figured out an algorithm to beat QWOP. … From the beginning, hold W and P, and repeatedly tap Q. … Using this method, you can "run" … read more


QWOP. This page now supports mobile browsers – kind of! Click here to force the HTML5 version to load. Or buy QWOP for Android or iOS! read more

4. QWOP Strategy Guide – The Best QWOP Game Strategy Technique …

Feb 3, 2013 Keys "W" and "O" control the left leg, while "Q" and "P" control the right. This means that all you have to do is alternare the pairs of keys at … read more

5. How to Beat QWOP – Touch, Tap, Play

Mar 20, 2023 Then, you will want to keep hitting WO and QP alternately but considering the timing, which is the tricky part. If you observe how athletes run … read more

6. How to Easily Beat QWOP – Gamer Journalist

Mar 20, 2023 When he lowers down too much that he stops moving, just press and shortly hold Q to let him pick himself up a bit. This “running” will be … read more

7. Learn to Beat QWOP || Learn Quick – YouTube

Jan 19, 2017 In this episode of "Learn Quick" I let QWOP ruin my life. It took me a little over 8 hours to complete 100 meters and beat the game. read more

8. 5 Tips for Beginners to Play QWOP on a Computer Like a Pro – Tech …

Keep alternating between PQ and WO to make a proper run, but be careful about timing. If you feel that the athlete is leaning too much backward or forward, use … read more

9. How can I not fail hard at QWOP? – Arqade

Apr 3, 2011 After that, you use W O and Q P alternately take your strides. Make sure you stay leaning slightly forward. Don't wait until your front foot … read more

10. How to Beat the QWOP game with an untraditional Olympic running …

Dec 6, 2010 QWOP. What the heck is QWOP? It's seems like an acronym, but it's not. Think QWERTY and you'll get the picture. read more

11. 【How to】 Cheat Qwop

Here you may to know how to cheat qwop. Watch the video explanation about Slowflake cheats at QWOP Online, article, story, explanation, suggestion, youtube. read more

12. AI can’t beat the world’s best human player at ‘QWOP’…/ai-cant-beat-the-worlds-best-human-player-at- qwop

Mar 7, 2021 The program managed a top 10 finish, but couldn't beat a human player at the 100-meter dash. An artificial intelligence program was trained to … read more

13. How to Beat the first 25 meters of GIRP, the successor to QWOP … successor-qwop-425277/

Mar 31, 2011 Bennett Froddy brought us the Flash game sensation QWOP, and now has released a free sequel called GIRP. You control you character's … read more

14. How to Play Qwop Like a Boss – Techni Talks

Oct 8, 2022 QWOP is a Flash-based game created by Bennett Foddy in 2008. The goal of the game is to run 100 meters using only the keys Q, W, O, and P to … read more

15. I Beat QWOP by Rock-on-USA on DeviantArt

Aug 6, 2022 Not to be a huge bragger about it, but I have finally beat QWOP, the hardest video game I ever played. As I progressed through this video … read more

16. How to easily beat QWOP – Jugo Mobile | Technology and gaming …

Mar 20, 2023 Completing QWOP: Walking. The second technique is a bit more difficult but is here to teach you how to successfully execute QWOP. Before running … read more

17. How to Beat QWOP And Set New Record ? 2023

QWOP is a running game created by former Cut Copy bassist Bennett Foddy. Players use four buttons to manipulate a ragdoll's lower body joints. read more

18. How long is QWOP? | HowLongToBeat

QWOP Box Art. 0 Playing; 7 Backlogs; 0 Replays; 30% Retired; 57% Rating; 14 BeatQWOP is a game, developed by Bennett Foddy, which was released in 2008. read more

19. How to play the QWOP running game – Quora

Seriously though, QWOP is a game where you operate the legs of a horse using the Q, W, O and P keys on a computer keyboard. Each key controls one of the horse's … read more

20. Bennett Foddy – Wikipedia

QWOP enjoyed attention uncommon for indie games of its size. Kill Screen included the title in its 2011 Museum of Modern Art event and it appeared on the … read more

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