How Long Do Lawyers Keep Case Files

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1. Ethics Opinions – FORMAL OPINION NO. 2001-157

While required retention periods of no more than three years are most common, California law imposes requirements of as long as eight years for certain … read more

2. Law Firm Document Retention and Destruction Policies – FindLaw

How Long Should You Retain Client Files? … The answer is: it depends on the type of file. State bars have various rules about the minimum amount of time to keep … read more

3. Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.15A: Client files |

Jun 7, 2018 Paragraph (a) does not impose an obligation to preserve documents that a … in which case the lawyer should retain the document for the … read more

4. Ethics Opinion 1192 – New York State Bar Association

Apart from these documents, a lawyer has an ethical duty to retain for seven years certain books and records concerning an attorney-client relationship, and any … read more

5. When is it acceptable to discard old files? – The Florida Bar

Oct 1, 2014 There is no Florida Bar rule requiring retention greater than six years following the conclusion of the matter. * To forestall potential … read more

6. Closed Files

Jun 30, 2021 QUESTION: How long must I retain closed files? ANSWER: With the exception of … In other words, the attorney on the case should review. read more

7. Are You Getting File Retention Right? | Illinois State Bar Association

Nov 3, 2016 But the broad, general rule in Illinois is stated in Supreme Court Rule 769, which says files must be kept for no fewer than seven years, he … read more

8. Document Storing: How Long Should Law Firms Keep Closed Files …

Nov 5, 2018 If the firm has files set for permanent retention, review them every 10 years. Study each individual case to decide if destruction can take … read more

9. April 2014 – Retaining the Client File After the Representation Ends

Civil files should be retained for no less than five years, but certain contents may never be destroyed absent client agreement. A specific time period for … read more

10. RPC 209 | North Carolina State Bar

Six years is the required minimum period for retaining a closed client file because this retention period is consistent with retention period for records of … read more

11. The Client File Conundrum…/the-client-file-conundrum/

Jun 17, 2021 Under section (a), records of trust account funds and “other property” must be kept for seven years after termination. This provision has caused … read more

12. 06-LSBA-RPCC-008 PUBLIC Opinion (1/4/2006)

Jan 4, 2006 There is no comprehensive rule on retaining closed client files. … general duty of a lawyer or a law firm to preserve a client's file. read more

13. When (And How) Can You Destroy Client Files? – TLIE – Texas …

Jan 18, 2016 A Kansas opinion released in September suggests a minimum of 10 years. Don't like those time frames? New Jersey suggested 7 years in a 2002 … read more

14. Colorado Supreme Court…/to_keep_or_not_to_keep. htm

Files may be destroyed as long as the lawyer has given notice to the client … every time he completed a case, he asked himself how long he had to keep it … read more

15. Attorney Regulation: The Wisdom of a File Destruction Policy…The…/news-detail/

Aug 21, 2020 Ironically, the Rules of Professional Conduct do not explicitly state how long an attorney must keep closed files and records; rather, … read more

16. 2015-F-160 – Client Files

property shall be kept by the lawyer and shall be preserved for a period of five years after termination of the representation. (d) … Except as stated in this … read more

17. Do I Have to Keep These Old Files? | New York Legal Ethics Reporter

First, as mentioned above, DR 9-102(D) requires you to keep certain bookkeeping records for seven years. Second, in 1996 the statute of limitations for legal … read more

18. Wisconsin Lawyer: Managing RiskStorage: What to do With All ……/Pages/Article.aspx?…3…

Mar 12, 2019 … you joy won't work for lawyers struggling with closed-case files. … with all those old files in my office, and how long should I keep … read more

19. How Long Should An Attorney Retain Client Records? – California …

As a threshold matter, these bar associations have recognized a distinction between civil and criminal cases for purposes of the retention period. The Los … read more

20. Document Retention Guide…/document-retention-guide

Oct 8, 2021 You must retain these records for seven (7) years from the date you returned the property to its owner. These are the only explicit requirements … read more

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