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1. Nourishing the world

Solein® is made from natural single-cell organisms, which are grown in a fermentation process. Water is split from the air with renewable electricity into … read more

2. Solein, The First And The Most Sustainable Protein Derived From Air …

Nov 2, 2021 Solein, The First And The Most Sustainable Protein Derived From Air, Is Created By Solar Foods … Fermentation has been used in the production of … read more

3. Solar Foods’ Solein: the protein of the future made of hydrogen and …

May 24, 2022 The first step in creating Solein is selecting a soil sample from natural habitats such as a forest or a desert. The sample is then screened for … read more

4. Solar Foods – The Index Project

Technically, Solein is a single-cell protein that's produced using gas fermentation technology. Naturally occurring organisms are typically grown in a … read more

5. Solar Foods says it’s making ‘food from thin air’ | CNN

Jan 20, 2020 Solein is made by growing a microbe in liquid in a fermentation tank. It's similar to the process used in breweries, but instead of feeding … read more

6. Solar Foods protein ‘made from air’ gets novel food nod in Singapore

Oct 26, 2022 Solein is a microbial protein-rich powder that contains all the essential amino acids. The novel ingredient is made from CO2, air and … read more

7. Future foods are not made of plants — they are made of air | Sifted

Sep 13, 2020 Made by Finnish startup Solar Foods, solein is made without any kind of conventional agricultural process but one more like fermentation, … read more

8. Solar Foods – Wikipedia

Solar Foods is developing processes to manufacture a protein powder called Solein that has potential as a protein ingredient in food production, and plans to … read more

9. Solein protein powder “100 times more climate-friendly” than other …

Jul 3, 2019 Developed in collaboration with VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and the Lappeenranta University of Technology, Solein is made by … read more

10. Making Food Out Of Thin Air – AIM2Flourish

Solar Foods' innovation is a nutritious powder called Solein made from carbon dioxide, water, and renewable electricity. Based on research from NASA, … read more

11. Singapore to trial protein made of ‘thin air’ that could solve world’s ……/singapore-trial-protein-made-thin-air-could-solve- worlds-food-problem

Feb 13, 2023 Singapore will be the first country to approve the sale of products with Solein, which is an alternative to meat and provides a basis for milk, … read more

12. Solein – The Wonder Food Made from Electricity, Water And Air…/solein-the-wonder-food-made-from- electricity-water-and-air.html

Jul 8, 2019 Described as the world's most environmentally friendly protein, Solein is is made by applying electricity to water to release bubbles of … read more

13. Food Can Now Be Produced Out Of Thin Air – Here’s How – WorldAtlas…/food-can-now-be-produced-out-of-thin-air- here-s-how.html

Feb 16, 2020 Solein is made by extracting carbon dioxide from the air by a unique technology developed by Solar Foods. They then combine it with water and … read more

14. Solar Foods on track to launch air and electricity-based protein by ……/solar-foods-on-track-to-launch-air- and-electricity-based-protein-by-2023.html

Oct 28, 2021 Finnish food tech company Solar Foods is making moves to scale its alternative protein – Soleinmade out of microbes cultured with … read more

15. Solar Foods Solein: The 100 Best Inventions of 2020 | TIME

Nov 19, 2020 Finland's Solar Foods says it has found a way to make food far more sustainable. Its “Solein” protein is produced by feeding microbes … read more

16. Solar Foods: Home

Solein® – protein out of thin air … Solein is the purest and most sustainable protein in the world. It is nutritionally rich. It can taste and look like … read more

17. Solein: A Space-Age Protein – Dirt to Dinner

Sep 23, 2019 Protein powder made from thin air? We've heard of animal-based proteins, plant-based proteins and cell-based proteins, but now it's time for air … read more

18. Solein® – Solar Foods

Introducing Solein®. Protein production shouldn't be limited by our world's natural resources. Neither should it burden our environment. That´s why we created … read more

19. Protein made from ‘thin air’ could be the food of the future for ……/protein-made-from-thin-air-could-be-the-food- of-the-future-for-astronauts-and-may-save-ear

Jan 3, 2022 They've managed to grow a nutrient rich protein called solein, which is made from a single microbe using carbon dioxide – from the air – and … read more

20. Solein: The Marvel Protein Made Out Of Water Molecules…/solein-the-marvel-protein-made-out-of- water-molecules/

Dec 31, 2022 Though Solar Foods, the company behind this miraculous meat alternative, boasts that their Solein protein is made out of thin air, … read more

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