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1. In Depth | Sun – NASA Solar System Exploration

The Sun is a 4.5 billion-year-old yellow dwarf star – a hot glowing ball of hydrogen and helium – at the center of our solar system. read more

2. Why is it hot in summer and cold in winter? | Library of Congress

Nov 19, 2019 Also, the long daylight hours allow the Earth plenty of time to reach warm temperatures. During the winter, the sun's rays hit the Earth at a … read more

3. How far is Earth from the sun? | Space

Jan 21, 2022 Earth's distance from the sun averages to about 93 million miles (150 million km), which scientists also call one astronomical unit (1 AU). read more

4. Traveling to the Sun: Why Won’t Parker Solar Probe Melt? | NASA

Jul 19, 2018 This summer, NASA's Parker Solar Probe will launch to travel closer to the Sun, deeper into the solar atmosphere, than any mission before it … read more

5. What Causes the Seasons? | NASA Space Place – NASA Science …

Throughout the year, different parts of Earth receive the Sun's most direct rays. So, when the North Pole tilts toward the Sun, it's summer in the Northern … read more

6. Sun

The sun is an ordinary star, one of about 100 billion in our galaxy, the Milky Way. The sun has extremely important influences on our planet: It drives … read more

7. Why Do We Have Seasons?

On the day of the equinox, the geometric center of the Sun's disk crosses the equator, and this point is above the horizon for 12 hours everywhere on the Earth. read more

8. Solar Energy

Jun 6, 2023 Fusion occurs when protons of hydrogen atoms violently collide in the sun's core and fuse to create a helium atom. This process, known as a PP ( … read more

9. What Causes Halos, Sundogs and Sun Pillars?

How are Halos, Sundogs and Sun Pillars Created? The atmosphere does more than just produce our daily weather: from sunny to cloudy days, dry to wet, … read more

10. Is the Sun causing global warming? – Climate Change: Vital Signs …

The amount of solar energy Earth receives has followed the Sun's natural 11-year cycle of small ups and downs with no net increase since the 1950s. Over the … read more

11. Sun Safety | Skin Cancer | CDC

Most skin cancers are caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. UV rays are an invisible kind of radiation that comes from the sun, tanning beds, … read more

12. How does solar power work? | Solar energy explained | National ……/how-does-solar-power-work

May 16, 2023 Solar energy was used by humans as early as the 7th century B.C. when humans used sunlight to light fires by reflecting the sun's rays onto … read more

13. Why looking at the sun can make you sneeze | PBS NewsHour

Mar 20, 2017 The sun makes me sneeze. It's not like I get fits of uncontrollable sneezes as if I'm allergic to the sunrays. But watch me leave a movie … read more

14. Earth at perihelion – closest to sun – on January 3…/earth-comes-closest-to-sun-every-year-in-early-january /

May 1, 2023 This closest Earth-sun distance is called perihelion, from the Greek roots peri meaning near and helios meaning sun. In early January, we're … read more

15. Orbit – Webb/NASA

JWST orbits the sun, a million miles away from Earth at the second Lagrange point. ABOUT. Webb Orbit. A Solar Orbit. The James Webb … read more

16. Sun Protection and Vitamin D – The Skin Cancer Foundation

Mar 14, 2019 When your skin is exposed to sunlight, it manufactures vitamin D. The sun's ultraviolet B (UVB) rays interact with a protein called 7-DHC in the … read more

17. Ultraviolet (UV) Radiation and Sun Exposure | US EPA

Jul 6, 2023 Nearly half of UV radiation is received between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., when the sun's rays are the strongest. Even on a cloudy day, you can be … read more

18. How does the sun and UV cause cancer? | Cancer Research UK…/sun…/how-does-the-sun-and-uv-cause- cancer

Jun 4, 2021 Too much UV radiation from the sun and sunbeds can damage DNA in your skin cells and cause skin cancer. Getting sunburnt increases your … read more

19. What is Fusion, and Why Is It So Difficult to Achieve? | IAEA…/what-is-fusion-and-why-is-it-so-difficult-to-achieve

May 10, 2021 The sun, along with all other stars, is powered by a reaction called nuclear fusion. If this can be replicated on earth, it could provide … read more

20. Drive Going-to-the-Sun Road (U.S. National Park Service)

Constructed in the late 1920s and early 1930s, the historic Going-to-the-Sun Road has long been one of the park's most popular destinations. read more

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