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1. Beginner Tutorial: How To Play Backgammon – YouTube

Jan 22, 2019 This video tutorial is a beginner's guide for learning how to play the game Backgammon. Shop Backgammon boards on Amazon: … read more

2. How to Play Backgammon – Yellow Mountain Imports

To start the game, each player rolls a single die and the player with the higher number moves first using both numbers rolled. If both players roll the same … read more

3. How to Play Backgammon – YouTube

Apr 3, 2018 Learn the rules to the board game Backgammon quickly and concisely – This visually rich video has no distractions, just the rules. read more

4. Backgammon Basics: How To Play | U.S. Backgammon Federation

This determines both the player to go first and the numbers to be played. If equal numbers come up, then both players roll again until they roll different … read more

5. How to Play Backgammon (with Pictures) – wikiHow

To start play, players take alternating turns rolling 2 6-sided dice. For each of the numbers that gets rolled, the rolling player moves 1 or 2 pieces based on … read more

6. Backgammon Rules

A player must use both numbers of a roll if this is legally possible (or all four numbers of a double). When only one number can be played, the player must play … read more

7. 247 Backgammon

Sep 16, 2014 It is played with two players (lucky you, we have a computer player to enjoy!). The object of backgammon is to move all your checkers around the … read more

8. Backgammon – Wikipedia

Backgammon is a two-player board game played with counters and dice on tables boards. It is the most widespread Western member of the large family of tables … read more

9. How to play Backgammon for beginners | Wargamer

Apr 26, 2023 Each player rolls a die to start the game. The person who rolled highest gets to move first, but they must use the results of both dice to move … read more

10. Backgammon Match on the App Store

Feb 9, 2017 You can play Backgammon with your friends over iMessage now! Backgammon Match app for iMessage offers fully implemented Backgammon board game … read more

11. How to Play Backgammon Chouettes – Part 1 | The Gammon Press

May 13, 2015 Backgammon chouettes are very popular at backgammon tournaments and clubs. They're more fun, more sociable and more exciting. How to play … read more

12. Play Backgammon Online

Every player has 15 checkers in predefined locations on the board and tries to move all of them safely to his home board. The Backgammon board consists of 24 … read more

13. Backgammon Plus – Apps on Google Play…hl…

Backgammon Plus is played and liked by hundreds of thousands of players on Facebook. Download Backgammon Plus for free, and play with your friends. read more

14. BACKGAMMON INSTRUCTIONS…/01/Backgammon_rules.pdf

The object of Backgammon is to be the first player to remove all your men from your inner table. This is called "Bearing Off.". read more

15. A Beginner’s Guide to Backgammon – Basics And How to Play ……/how-to-play-backgammon-board-game-guide- for-beginners

Jun 8, 2020 Basics Backgammon is a game between two players on a specially constructed board. Each player controls a set of 15 identical pieces – called … read more

16. 5 Ways to Improve Your Backgammon – UKBGF

Oct 23, 2013 It would be a shame to get to double match point in the final at the UK Open and not know how to play a simple 31. Backgammon Position read more

17. Backgammon Galaxy

Sign up and start playing! Cookies Policy. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.To change your preferences, see … read more

18. Backgammon – Ads Interrupting Play – Microsoft Community…/backgammon…play/2acd02aa-c262-4c6f- 820d-5df834c0c4ab

May 5, 2020 Is there any way to stop ads from interrupting backgammon games in the middle of play? read more

19. Backgammon Online and Free – Play this Strategy Game

Backgammon is a fun, fast-paced game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and will challenge your mind and gaming ability. It is the perfect game for … read more

20. How To Play Backgammon β€” Gather Together Games

Backgammon is a fun, strategic game played by two players. Be the first player to remove all your checkers from the board to win this game. read more

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