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1. [Walking Dead] How do the zombies see/hear survivors? : r …

[Walking Dead] How do the zombies see/hear survivors?
by u/AvariceOrange in AskScienceFiction

Oct 27, 2014 We see that most of them are just skulls and loose flesh. Ears have rotten away and eye sockets dark. So how exactly does the zombie find it's … read more

2. Are the zombies in ‘The Walking Dead’ blind? – Quora

Definitely not. In fact, they not only have sight, they can still smell & hear as well. We have seen several instances of the Walkers being attracted to … read more

3. How well will a zombie see? – Off Grid Tools

Dec 27, 2012 These diseases would serve to further hamper the vision of zombies. And finally, there is the little matter of decomposition. Even if the … read more

4. The Walking Dead: 5 Things Zombies Can Do (& 5 They Can’t)

Aug 23, 2020 RELATED: TWD: 5 Characters That Had To Go (& 5 Fans Were Sad To See Go). Zombies are one of the most varied monsters in horror fiction. read more

5. All of Us Are Dead Zombies Explained | Den of Geek

Jan 29, 2022 “We see many films about zombies, but only a few have students as main characters. In an enclosed space like a school where teenagers are … read more

6. Can Zombies Hear? – The American Academy of Audiology

Oct 22, 2018 Any audiologist or hearing scientist worth their weight in cerumen is familiar with the work of George von Bekesy see Békésy G. Zur Theorie des … read more

7. How far away can zombies see you in the current update …

I just came up with a wave game that involve the undead creature the zombie, but i'm wondering how far away they can see you. read more

8. The science behind zombies: Could it really happen? |

Oct 28, 2016 WATCH: Rick And Noah Escape 'The Walking Dead' Zombies. But nobody said a dead body could. However, there are several diseases that leave … read more

9. Zombie Neuroscience: Inside the Brains of the Walking Dead | Live …

Oct 30, 2013 "We mocked up what a zombie brain would look like," Voytek said, … Broadly speaking, zombies can be either slow zombies (think the … read more

10. THE LAST OF US Infected Zombie Types Explained: Clickers …

Feb 13, 2023 What does it look like if you just stand perfectly still and let them do this to you? So, it turns out, maybe the zombies of The Last of Us aren … read more

11. All the Infected Zombies in ‘The Last of Us,’ Explained: Runners ……/the-last-of-us-infected-fungus-zombies-explained/

Feb 26, 2023 As Joel and Ellie fight for a cure in the new HBO show, let's see how well you can tell your infected zombies apart. read more

12. Can zombies see through wood frames? Craft detection? :: 7 Days ……/0/364042703863628638/

May 27, 2016 Basically, does crafting attract zombies? can they see through wood frames? just wondering because i literally crouch in my house at night and … read more

13. Can zombies see without eyes?…/can-zombies-see-without-eyes

Can zombies see without eyes? Definitely not. In fact, they not only have sight, they can still smell & hear as well. We have seen several instances of. read more

14. Can zombies see the flashlight? :: Dying Light 2 General Discussions…/0/6081551521122958019/

Feb 13, 2022 Only humans(bandits) can see it. Zombies doesn't. #4. c0Zm1c. read more

15. They’re Everywhere Else: Can Zombies Find A Home In eLearning … home-in-elearning

Oct 5, 2013 In addition to movies, television and pop culture – they have found their way into many Universities. Can eLearning be far behind? Zombies In … read more

16. Can Zombies See Through Wood Windows? :: 7 Days to Die ……/0/412448158146384641/

Feb 25, 2016 My wood house looks rather boring so I thought windows would make it more interesting. However as I recall zombies could see through them … read more

17. Zombies (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Sep 8, 2003 It eventually became clear that this view entailed there could be purely physical organisms exactly like us except for lacking consciousness. read more

18. Zombies hear/see you from very far away? v41 :: Project Zomboid ……/0/3057366778458566814/

Jul 31, 2021 I set the zombie sight to poor and hearing to normal I was crouch walking outside and 3 zombies that were quite far out (i had to zoom out … read more

19. How Do Zombies See? – Surviving Another Week…/how-do-zombies-see/

Zombies do see-they just don't see very well. Zombies have poor vision for a few reasons. First of all, their eyes are often milky and cloudy. This is because … read more

20. Top 5 cases of zombies from the real world

Oct 31, 2019 Are there any zombies in nature? And what about humans, are we ever at risk of zombification? Read our special feature to find out what … read more

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