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1. Ukraine’s Path to Victory: How the Country Can Take Back All Its …

Oct 12, 2022 Its main aims include not letting Ukraine lose and not letting Russian President Vladimir Putin winβ€”but also not allowing the war to escalate to … read more

2. How the War in Ukraine Could End Sooner Than Expected | RAND

Jan 17, 2023 But it could also end soon. Kremlin regime change, a Russian army collapse, or a Ukrainian win are possible. None of these contingencies … read more

3. Ukraine war: Five ways conflict could go in 2023 – BBC News

Dec 27, 2022 Ukraine will win by restoring completely its territorial integrity by spring 2023 at the latest. Two factors are shaping this conclusion. read more

4. What would a win in Ukraine really look like? | The Hill

Apr 10, 2023 Ukrainians could end up living in Russian pockets within Ukraine or within the former Soviet empire. Therein lies part of the problem for ending … read more

5. Can Ukraine Win a Protracted War? – Foreign Policy

Ron DeSantis. How should we think about these options? For an in-depth military perspective, FP's Ravi Agrawal sat down with Philip Breedlove, a retired four- … read more

6. What the West Must Do Now to Help Ukraine Win the War | Time

Feb 24, 2023 Ukraine is fully capable of defeating Russia's unprovoked war of aggression and eliminating Russia's military ability to conquer Ukraine, … read more

7. Opinion | I was just in Kyiv under fire. I saw why Ukraine can win …

May 22, 2023 Ukrainians have taken the worst that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has dished out, and they have not only survived but also thrived. Kyiv does … read more

8. US says Russia cannot win in Ukraine, Moscow sees long war ahead

May 26, 2023 Russia will not achieve a military victory in Ukraine and Kyiv's forces are unlikely to push back all Russian troops from their territory … read more

9. Ukraine Can Win if the U.S. Delivers More Weapons Faster | Time

Mar 28, 2023 The U.S. has consistently been two to three months behind the Ukrainians in their requests for critical military aid. That must change. read more

10. Forward resilience: How to help Ukraine win on and off the battlefield

Dec 8, 2022 They are determined to persevere in what their president, Volodymyr Zelensky, calls β€œa war of strength and resilience.” Ukrainian forces have … read more

11. Putin’s War Against Ukraine: The End of The Beginning – Carnegie ……/putin-s-war-against-ukraine-end-of- beginning-pub-89071

Feb 17, 2023 Summary: The war can continue along three possible scenarios: a stalemate, Ukraine wins, or Russia wins. For now, a Ukrainian breakthrough … read more

12. Russia has already lost. The next year will decide if Ukraine can win ……/russia-has-already-lost-next-year-will-decide -if-ukraine-can-win

Feb 24, 2023 A revitalised NATO and unflagging Western support will help, but it is still up to Ukraine to defeat the Russian army. read more

13. How Does the War in Ukraine End? | Council on Foreign Relations

Mar 15, 2023 meets a Russian force, it wins every time. Two strategic defeats of Russia in the north of Ukraine, north and west of Kyiv and west, northwest, … read more

14. Does the west really want Ukraine to win the war? If so, increase ……/19/west-ukraine-win-war-military-support

May 19, 2023 For all the fine words, the current piecemeal system of donations is not enough to sustain Ukrainian efforts to retake their land, … read more

15. What Ukraine β€” or Russia β€” must do to win – POLITICO

Jan 10, 2023 To win in Ukraine, we will need to call up at least another half a million soldiers,” he wrote on Telegram. Yet, military experts are doubtful … read more

16. It’s Not Enough for Ukraine to Win. Russia Has to Lose. – The Atlantic…/674112/

May 19, 2023 Anything less will encourage Russian imperialism and embolden autocrats around the world. By Eliot A. Cohen. A photo of a Ukrainian soldier … read more

17. Ukraine will struggle to win the war and Russia will struggle to lose ……/ukraine-will-struggle-to-win-the-war-and-russia-will- struggle-to-lose-increasing-pressure-for-a-negotiated-solution-12862683

Apr 22, 2023 The West has committed to support Ukraine's battle against the Russian invasion, but what can Ukraine realistically expect to achieve with … read more

18. Why It’s Now Almost Impossible For Ukraine To Win The War …

Feb 2, 2023 It is almost impossible for Ukraine to emerge from this war as the victor. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's definition, … read more

19. How could Ukraine win the war?…/how-could-ukraine-win-the-war

Nov 24, 2022 How could Ukraine win the war? Host Anne McElvoy asks Ben Hodges, a former commanding general of US Army Europe, why he thinks a Ukrainian … read more

20. Why Ukraine Will Win | Journal of Democracy

Why Ukraine Will Win. The country's military is advancing on the battlefield. If Ukraine defeats Russia's massive army, the ripple effects will be felt … read more

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