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1. Putin ally warns NATO of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in …

Jan 19, 2023 An ally of President Vladimir Putin warned NATO on Thursday that a defeat of Russia in Ukraine could trigger a nuclear war, while the head … read more

2. If Russia Can’t Defeat Ukraine, Then Could The Soviet Union Have …

Oct 11, 2022 If today's Russian army can't defeat Ukraine, than could its Soviet forebear have defeated the combined forces of NATO? When Russia invaded … read more

3. Nato vs. Russia: which side would win? | The Week UK

May 18, 2023 Japan is in talks to open the first Nato liaison office in Asia. … basically, Brazil should beat America in soccer, but I have seen … read more

4. Time for the West to think about how to engage with defeated Russia

Nov 15, 2022 The working proposition here is that Russia's defeat can arrive suddenly … Strengthening the US and NATO defense postures in Europe after … read more

5. Opinion | The skeptics are wrong: The U.S. can confront both China …

Aug 4, 2022 U.S. leaders should stop deluding the American people into the false comfort … defeat China and Russia in two major wars at the same time. read more

6. Opinion: Pre-ministerial press conference by NATO … – NATO

Oct 11, 2022 While Russia is increasingly resorting to horrific and indiscriminate attacks on … but it will be a defeat and dangerous for all of us, … read more

7. War in the Baltics: Could NATO Defeat Russia? | The National Interest

Nov 18, 2021 Is NATO able to fend off a large-scale Russian invasion of the Baltic states? No, according to most experts. A 2016 RAND Corporation report, “ … read more

8. NATO Could Take Out Russia in 3 Days: Congressman

Dec 19, 2022 Representative Adam Kinzinger said on Monday that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) could take out Russia in only three days. read more

9. Nato faces an all-out fight with Putin. It must stop pulling its punches …

Mar 5, 2023 Nato states will doubtless congratulate themselves at their annual … Does the west seek Russia's defeat and a generational victory over … read more

10. How to defeat Russia and prevent nuclear armageddon with one …

Nov 10, 2022 NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg's recent warning that “any use of nuclear weapons would fundamentally change the nature of the conflict, … read more

11. Outnumbered, Outranged, and Outgunned: How Russia Defeats NATO…/outnumbered-outranged-and-outgunned-how- russia-defeats-nato/

Apr 21, 2016 All these Russian units would be equipped with armored vehicles — tanks, infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), and so forth. NATO, meanwhile … read more

12. How to beat Russia: What armed forces in NATO should learn from ……/how-beat-russia-what-armed-forces-nato-should- learn-ukraines-homeland

Feb 16, 2023 How to beat Russia: What armed forces in NATO should learn from Ukraine's homeland defense … Russia's invasion of Ukraine has yielded a litany … read more

13. Why advanced weapons can help Ukraine defeat Russia | ECFR

Apr 20, 2022 Russia's new offensive in Ukraine calls for a change in the Western response. NATO countries should supply the Ukrainian military with … read more

14. The real military balance between Russia and NATO – Responsible ……/the-real-military-balance-between-russia- and-nato/

Jul 14, 2022 But would U.S. reinforcements to Europe even be necessary to defeat a Russian invasion of NATO? A Russian army which has had to fight for … read more

15. NATO’s Cynical, Risky Strategy of Arms Aid to Defeat Russia in ……/natos-cynical-risky-strategy-arms-aid-defeat-russia- ukraine

Jun 11, 2022 Worse, it means flirting with triggering a direct war between NATO and Russia that could lead to a nuclear Armageddon. To put it mildly, … read more

16. Ukraine’s growing defense tech prowess can help defeat Russia ……/ukraines-growing-defense-tech-prowess- can-help-defeat-russia/

May 18, 2023 What can the world expect from Ukraine's counteroffensive? Conflict NATO Russia Security & Defense. The long-term objective is clear … read more

17. Russia to stay a threat even if it loses war, says top NATO officer ……/russia-to-stay-a-threat-even-if-it-loses-war-says- top-nato-officer/

Jan 19, 2023 Russia will remain a threat to NATO even if its forces are defeated in Ukraine, a top military official in the Western alliance said on … read more

18. Putin’s War Against Ukraine: The End of The Beginning – Carnegie ……/putin-s-war-against-ukraine-end-of- beginning-pub-89071

Feb 17, 2023 In a long war, the correlation of forces favors Russia. … It would amount to not just a defeat, but a humiliating defeat. read more

19. Russia Can’t Beat NATO–But Putin May Try | RealClearDefense…/russia_cant_beat_nato–but_putin_may_ try.html

Feb 24, 2015 Can Russia defeat NATO? The answer is “no.” Vladimir Putin's armies cannot prevail in a direct contest with the NATO alliance. read more

20. How fast would NATO defeat Russia in an all-out conflict? – Quora conflict

Every ship, tank, plane and base will be destroy by sheer air power. NATO will not sent troops to Russia because “don't go to Moscow” is a military doctrine. read more

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