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Hotel Viura by Designhouses

The Spanish firm Designhouses, have recently completed the Hotel Viura, located in the Spanish wine region of Rioja Alavesa. Named after the most widely planted white grape variety in Rioja, Viura is a new hotel with 26 guestrooms and seven suites, two bars and a restaurant.

Hotel Viura by Designhouses


Description from Hotel Viura:

This ancient and illustrious wine country is the place where the old world charms of Spanish wineries now blend flawlessly with ultramodern , and Viura is a perfect example of this. Although it is set in the middle of the traditional village, next to the 17th century church, Viura's architecture, is a true departure from traditional form: a series of concrete cubes, one on top of the other, that seem to rise out of the ground. The architecture successfully links the interior to the exterior landscape; floor to ceiling windows throughout and private terraces ensure that there is always a view of the village, the Sierra de Cantabria or the church. Clever use of partitions, glass and sophisticated lighting add to the ambiance and fun. Materials and techniques have been brilliantly used together to create avant-garde work of , strikingly different to its environment but nonetheless blending in to its surroundings.