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Hotel Madera Signature Suites by lagranja

lagranja studio have completed the Hotel Madera Signature Suites in Hong Kong.

Hotel Madera Signature Suites by lagranja


Description from the designers:

Our first project in Asia. The top four floors of a new build hotel in Kowloon, a district in Hong Kong and probably the place with the highest population density in the planet.

A hotel with a Spanish name that leaves little room for doubt. An oasis of calm and Mediterranean warmth hung sixty meters from the bustle of the street.

Nine suites, each one unique, and each one 100% Lagranja, full of details made exclusively for this project. The nightstands turned from oak wood blocks, or the wooden spoons carved by hand that are both a decorative element and a gift the guests can take home.

The walls of the corridors are big lamps, the gym is at the same time ironic and funny.