It’s Christmas and every corner of your home is beautifully lighted. But, why not your home bar and kitchen? It’s the heart of your home, am I right or am I right? Ever wondered how magical your bar will look once decorated? If I ask you to decorate your bar and kitchen for Christmas will you be struck in astonishment? Well not anymore. We have innumerable number bar and Kitchen items which make a perfect ornament for your Christmas décor.

You’ll be amazed to see how these items come handy while decorating for Christmas.  Read below to give yourself a healthy dose of inspiration and brighten up your bar and kitchen like a beautiful bride before its Christmas Eve.

Home bar and kitchen

Home bar and Kitchen Christmas Décor ideas

  1. Old wine glasses: Use old wine glasses. Cover them with sand paint and paint them into a Santa or a snowman. Keep them on your shelves to decorate the space
  2. Wine corks: Wine corks are a big yes when it comes to designing. Use old wine corks to make Christmas wreath. Decorate it with a wrap of ribbons and a fir branch. You can also use wine corks to write “Merry Christmas” or “happy holidays” or any catchy caption on the walls.
  3. Elves décor: Get colorful elf toys and use them to decorate your bar. Hang them by the cabinets to display their mirth and joy for Christmas. Use elves hats to decorate cabins. Elves hats can be used as wind chimes. Punch in a hole on the top. Tie a string on it and hang them from the ceiling.
  4. Wreaths: Use colorful flannel curtains to decorate the windows by the bar or kitchen. Hang wreaths by the windows for a charming ambiance in the room. Decorate your wreath with pouf bows or four pointed bows. Use other Christmas ornaments to decorate the wreaths.
  5. Ornaments: Use leftover Christmas ornaments. Hang them using ribbons from the ceilings. Make decorative wall hangings from gluing them together with some fir branches and Christmas ribbons for elegant wall hangings.
  6. Keep your priceless collection on display: Keep your priceless collection of liquor out for display. Let your guests admire your collection. Keeps the space neat with just a few baubles lying around for a cool and casual charm!
  7. Go natural: Bring in an ultimate charm to your serving table. Place a wooden log with some leaves on top and stick to it your wine glasses with vacuum plugs. Just imagine the spell you’ll cast on your guests when you pull out a glass from the branch and serve them their drinks.
  8. Bar stools: Keep the bar stools cozy and low seating. They should be small enough to go under the cabinet space below the prep counter. Decorate your drinks preparation counter with tinsel garlands and some Santa hats. You can also use bells to decorate the space.
  9. Christmas lights: Use DIYed strings mesh lampshades to fill it in with your Christmas lights and hang them from the ceilings and racks.
  10. Candles: Use candles for centerpieces or hang them. Use glass jars for candle holders to keep the candle and hang it from the ceilings. You can keep candles on cake turntables or three tier cake stands. Decorate it around with fir leaves, holly, berries, and baubles.

These were some interesting ideas you can use to decorate your home bar or kitchen. Christmas décor is the only time of the year when you shouldn’t think about it getting over the top. In fact, now it’s kind of, the more the merrier. So this season allow your home chef and bartender to rejoice in Christmas cheer. Decorate their workspace where they work so hard to serve you.

Merry Christmas!!

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