Hello friends. So, it’s Summer already. Are you ready for your summer vacation? Aren’t you going to miss your buddies? Well, I will. Summer season although is about holidays and vacations, it’s also all about missing your friends.

Earlier during School days, it used to be months until we friends could reunite. However much fun life it, it’s always boring and incomplete without friends. Friends have been, still, are and shall always be the most important thing in my life. And I’m sure they are important in your life as well. So, to say goodbye to your friends on a memorable note here’s a wonderful craft idea.

Today I was thinking about some handprint craft. Handprint crafts are so much fun. It just spells joy. It makes you feel alive with that childlike spirit and happiness. So, I thought about this ” Bye Bye School, Hello Summer” Card for you. This is the perfect card which you can make for your friends and hand it to one another. Also, you can hand it to your favorite teacher and say her how much you’ll miss her and that she too has a great summer.

Even if you’re not in school anymore, I would still ask you to do this craft. It’s always fun to celebrate life around you. You might feel bored some day or happy some day, but there should be no compromises on celebrations. In fact, it’s these little things that’ll help you keep going amidst the daily humdrum.

So, without delay, let us dive right in. Here is the step by step tutorial of ” Bye School Hello Summer craft”. So, check it out.


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DIY Hand Print Hello Summer craft step by step tutorial

Grab your supplies

  1. Orange colored Paper
  2. Sketch pen or Black marker
  3. Pencil
  4. Rubber
  5. Yellow paint
  6. Scissors

You can now just follow the steps to make your very own summer card

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STEP 1: First take an orange colored paper

STEP 2: Now, dab yellow color on your palm and simply put on your handprints on the paper.

STEP 3: Once you put in one hand impression, you will have to again put on colors on your palm.

STEP 4: Now repeat the same procedure four times. We need three full hand impressions and two impressions on either side of just three fingers. (I’ve used my Four fingers, Middle finger and Ring finger to make the three finger impressions on both sides).

STEP 5: Now take a green sketch pen and make the stems. Also, make a patch of grass below the branches.

STEP 6: Finally just make some smiley faces on your palm print and write – ” Bye School, Hello Summer ” on the top.

So, your easy Hello Summer craft is ready. Hope you loved making it. Thank you for visiting Hikendip.com. Have a great summer. Stay in touch by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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