Energy plays a major role in our lives, more than we think. Everything around us including ourselves is nothing but energy vibrating at a particular frequency. If we can match ourselves to the vibrations of all high vibration things and let go of every low vibration energies in our lives, we evolve in our spiritual mission of enlightenment.

Feng Shui Your Bedroom into a Cozy and Intimate Nest


  • Mirrors: Mirrors are something which should be avoided at all costs in your bedroom. It is believed that mirrors represent the Feng Shui element of water and if it reflects your bed, it’ll drain your energy down depriving you of healthy night sleep. So, however beautifully it adorns your room, do not place it at such an angle, where it reflects the bedroom entrance door or the bed. Mirrors can be placed in the northern direction of the room, where it’ll inspire ambition and motivation within you. Oval or circular mirrors are ideal for a good Feng Shui bedroom as they are devoid of any sharp edges, keeping your vulnerable selves in the bedroom safe and secure.
  • Ideal direction for your Bed: Head of the Beds in the bedroom should never face the north or the south direction of the room. The ideal placements of the bed should be on the western side or southwestern or Northwestern. It is said that since the north and south directions of the room points towards the magnetic poles of the earth, facing them will not provide you a refreshing sleep. You might find yourself waking up tired even after long stretches of unperturbed sleep. Or you might also encounter sleeplessness. It is also advised to not face east and sleep as by doing that symbolically you are showing your back to the Sun when you are waking up in the morning which can be interpreted as you are denying its presence. This position might induce escapism and addictions in the person living in the room. If things like this happen to you just look around your bedroom to check out if the bed is positioned in the wrong direction right now and you’ll find your answer.
  • Gadgets affect your Sleep: When we sleep we are at our most vulnerable selves. We for once just feel the need to feel safe, serene and relaxed. Hence it is advised according to Feng Shui to not place modern gadgets like television sets or laptops or mobile phones in the bedroom or near the bed. These modern gadgets are our very tools that help us meet the reality, meet the outer world every morning. But only after we’ve replenished our vulnerable selves completely, we’ll have the power and energy to be valiant and valorous to encounter the worldly problems undaunted. Apart from that even using your phones or Laptops before hitting the bed tricks the brain that it still isn’t bedtime, and hence it does not secrete melatonin (the sleep-inducing hormone released by the hypothalamus only when it gets dark outside). So you’ll see that after chatting with your colleges or friends till late night you’ll find it difficult to sleep. So please do not use them before hitting the bed. Apart from this, another hiccup that arises due to the use of gadgets is that when you sleep your mind shall be busy working and tabulating your work schedule for the next day as the gadgets in the room carry that energy of work and grind. This won’t allow you to feel refreshed after sleeping and you might find that you are waking up drained & dejected without any zest to begin a new day. So keep your gadgets away from the bed. Work and leisure do not mix and shouldn’t be mixed.
  • Aligning the bed: When you are arranging your furniture in your bedroom, you must make sure that the bed isn’t aligned with any doors, or the bathrooms or even a closet door. It is advised to shut all your doors before hitting the bed. This shall ensure a peaceful night sleep.
  • Shapes: for a good Feng Shui bedroom, you need to pick your furniture wisely. According to Feng Shui, you should pick furniture which does not have sharp edges in your bedroom. Be it your bedside table or cupboards. Keep them away from your bedroom. You can use circular or oval or rectangular shapes, but triangular and square-shaped furniture should be avoided as far as possible. Sharp edges radiate negativity in a bedroom and you definitely don’t want this for your room.
  • Beds by the window is a red flag: I know that placing bed by the window looks really very elegant and moreover waking up to see the magical sunrise snuggled within a cozy quilt with coffee is an unbeatable experience in its own, but this can also be done on a couch, right. Yes, placing bed by the window will allow Qi energy enter your room and will disturb your sleep. Moreover, noise from outside at any hour of the day will bring in negative energy in your rooms. When you are sleeping at night any noise outside will instantly activate your survival instincts and shall make it impossible to fall back asleep. So it is important to shut the windows when you sleep and also use heavy drapes to cut out on any additional noise from outside for a peaceful eight hours sleep.
  • Sunshine: It is very essential to allow fresh air and sunlight to enter in ample amounts in your room. Sunshine cuts out the gloomy and dull atmospheres in the room, restoring it with a happy and cheerful ambiance for you to kick-start your day on a happy and positive note.
  • One door bedroom: according to Feng Shui, your bedroom shove should ideally have two doors, maybe two entrances or one door leading to the balcony. It is believed that if there is only one entrance in the room, you might find it the perfect corner to relax and sleep without any disturbances, but what you aren’t aware of is that the time you are sleeping, your mind is busy doing calculations and tabulations for the next day. As a result, you might wake up and find yourself feeling lethargic with zero motivation to start the day early. So if you can please make sure that your bedroom has two doors in it.
  • Plants: quite contrary to popular beliefs plants in the bedroom are a big no according to feng shui. Plants emit carbon dioxide at night which isn’t unhealthy for us, especially when you are sleeping with closed doors and windows for straight eight hours. Hence keeping plants in a bedroom is not a good idea. However if your bedroom is very big and has small windows on the corners, you might keep plants, however, it should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Bed support: Always keep the head of the bed by a wall. Beds with a back support help you feel safe and secure while you are sleeping ensuring a peaceful sleep.

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