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1. Suspicious Partner: Episodes 27 & 28 | Dramas with a Side of Kimchi

Jun 29, 2017 Maybe we will get our wish when it comes out that District Attorney Jang is somehow behind the fire that killed our OTP's (one true pairing) … read more

2. Suspicious Partner: Episodes 25-26 » Dramabeans Korean drama …

Jun 22, 2017 Two lawyers get entangled over a past case, misunderstandings, … Ji-wook shouts that he has to do something, vowing to make Hyun-soo feel … read more

3. Suspicious Partner – Wikipedia

The two are frequently indulged in friendly banter. Lee Do-yeop as Bong Hee-boo. Bong-hee's father who died while trying to save Ji-wook. read more

4. K-Drama Review: “Suspicious Partner” Sweetly Sedates With …

Dec 5, 2020 Romance in a legal world setting spurs the romantic ride of Suspicious Partner. Main Cast: Ji Chang Wook | Nam Ji Hyun | Choi Tae Joon … read more

5. Suspicious Partner Episode 39-40 (Final) Recap | amusings

Jul 17, 2017 Ji Wook notices the blinding blush but tells Bong Hee it is pretty. They decide to “day drink”. In court, District Attorney Jang admits he did … read more

6. Suspicious Partner – AsianWiki

Due to this incident, Ji-Wook quits his job as a prosecutor and becomes a lawyer. Bong-Hee attempts to find the person who murdered her ex-boyfriend. read more

7. Suspicious Partner Episode 23 Recap | amusings

Jun 19, 2017 I'm worried Lawyer Ji is the second person in the office to die. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) accepted Ji Wook feelings. We lived to see the day. read more

8. “Suspicious Partner” ep37~ep38~Hyun Soo:”So Young died …

Feb 9, 2018 Soon Ji Wook and Bong Hee arrived. But they only found Jang Moo Young. Realising that Hyun Soo might be close, Ji Wook runs after him. They've … read more

9. ‘Suspicious Partner’ Episode 25-26 Spoilers, Watch Online: Ji Wook …

Jun 20, 2017 "Suspicious Partner" episodes 25 and 26 promises to feature … also raise the said lawyer's apprehension that the prophesied death that a … read more

10. “Suspicious Partner” ep29~ep30~Bong Hee:”Let’s break up …

Jan 7, 2018 Soon officer Bang gave Ji Wook the information he asked for. Eun Bong Hee's father was the suspect of Ji Wook's parent's deaths. He also died in … read more

11. Review: Suspicious Partner – The Fangirl Verdict

Oct 3, 2017 Don't get me wrong though. Ji Chang Wook does a fantastic job making Ji Wook a different and separate character, and I found a lot to enjoy in … read more

12. Suspicious Partner Korean Drama Review | Kdrama Kisses…/suspicious-partner-korean-drama-review /

Jul 14, 2017 Ji Chang Wook plays our prosecutor turned attorney Noh Ji Wook. I loved his character so much! He's an awkward guy whose personality is a bit … read more

13. Suspicious Partner || Mini Review | DramaRambles

Mar 31, 2020 "You're dirty, but pretty" — Ji Wook I want this review to be well written and thoughtful, instead I'm not so good at reviews and most … read more

14. Suspicious Partners: It’s so awkward… – The cat that watches TV…/suspicious-partners-its-so-awkward/

Jun 5, 2017 The two were there to support young Ji-wook when his father died. For the socially inept and sometimes withdrawn Ji-wook, I won't be surprised … read more

15. Suspicious Partner/Love In Trouble Review – Tea Girl Reviews…/suspicious-partnerlove-in-trouble- review/

Aug 16, 2017 This drama is about a workaholic prosecutor, No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) … that her dad had something to do with Ji Wook's family death. read more

16. Suspicious Partner – Jaybird Reviews

Oct 29, 2017 After an incident involving a murder, Ji Wook is fired and forced to become a defence lawyer. He works with Eun Bong Hee, another attorney, … read more

17. Love In Trouble (Suspicious Partner) KDrama Recaps. – Ep 22 …

He takes suspicious steps closer as he talks,. And then a familiar voice calls out to Bong Hee, stopping Mr Jung from whatever he plans to do. It was Lawyer Ji, … read more

18. [Ongoing] Suspicious Partner – Up to Episode 34 – Kdrama Memories…/ongoing-suspicious-partner-up-to- episode-34/

Oct 17, 2017 I was certain he was going to die and I was so sad!… … [Ongoing] Suspicious Partner – Up to Episode 34 … Go for it, Lawyer Ji! read more

19. Ji Wook becomes the Most Annoying Attorney – Suspicious Partner ……/ji-wook-becomes-most-annoying- attorney.html

May 31, 2017 But the Chief prosecutor hold grudge against Bong Hee and wanted to take revenge for his son's death. Previous Post: Strong Women Do Bong Soon … read more

20. 20 Moments In “Suspicious Partner” That Made Us Swoon, Gasp ……/20-moments-suspicious-partner-swooned-gasped -laughed-fist-pumped-air

Jul 13, 2017 10. When Ji Wook did aegyo. GIPHY. Bong Hee … read more

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