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Need a fun Valentine’s Day activity to do with the kiddos? 💓

How about making some awesome crunchy slime!? Adding colorful pony beads to your slime recipe adds a neat texture that’s super addicting to play with and also EASY to make. Oh and not to mention the crunchy sound it makes when squished…😍

You can add them to your favorite slime recipe, or try using this simple recipe I’m sharing today using contact solution.

ball of crunchy slime

Hip Slime Tips: 

    • I find that Elmer’s brand glue yields the best slime results, so try to use it if possible.
    • Pony beads and glitter are such fun add-ins for slime to make it festive and crunchy!
    • Make sure the brand of contact solution contains boric acid and sodium borate so it’ll work as an activator (I used this Blink brand). For an alternative, try using 1/2 cup of liquid starch like Stay-Flo instead of contact solution and baking soda.

valentine's day slime supplies on the counter

mixing up slime in a bowl with beads and glitter

stretching pink crunchy slime

DIY Crunchy Slime


Supplies Needed

  • 6 oz. Elmer’s school glue
  • 1/2 tablespoon baking soda
  • 1 tablespoon water
  • 1/2 tablespoon contact lens solution (make sure it contains boric acid and sodium borate for it to work, we used Blink brand)
  • 1/4 cup pony beads or fishbowl beads
  • food coloring and glitter, if desired



Add glue to the bowl. Stir in baking soda and then stir in water using a spoon.


Stir in contact solution. This is the activator, so you should notice it start to get firm as you continue stirring.


Add in pony beads, food coloring, and glitter (if desired). We added red beads, glitter, and red food coloring to this batch for a fun Valentine’s Day theme!


Use your hands to knead, and continue kneading until slime forms! If it’s super sticky, you can add more contact solution as needed. Eventually, you’ll get this wonderfully addictive crunchy slime to play with!

crunchy slime valentines for the class

Need a creative DIY classroom Valentine’s Day idea? ❤

How about making little individually packaged slime to share with friends? My daughter and I made a few batches of this Crunchy Slime and packaged it in these small plastic containers from Amazon.com.

Grab the FREE printable labels I’ve designed and just tape them on the lid for a really fun and easy Valentine’s Day idea!

Print FREE Be My Valen-Slime Labels HERE 

compiling slime valentines for classroom

These are so darn cute!

In case you’re wondering, one batch of this slime will fill about seven of these small containers. My daughter can’t wait to give out her slime to all her friends this Valentine’s Day! Such a fun little project. Enjoy!

holding a small container of valentine's day slime

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