Firework is an integral part of Fourth of July celebrations. It’s what makes us feel the patriotic fervor which we carry in our heart for our country. Hence, I thought of making a paper firework craft which is just as much fun as the fourth of July fireworks. Do you love sparklers? ‘Coz this craft is all about recreating those sparklers with the help of paper, some colors, and glue.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

Are you excited about trying your hands on this Patriotic Day Craft? If yes, then let’s get started.

A word of advice: If you are a kid and you are thinking about working on this craft then please take some help of an adult. As this craft requires adult supervision to an extent.

Other than this craft is simply excellent and is the best expression of your creativity and passion with the help of paper. Also, check out best Paper Crafts you’d be dying to try out.


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How To Make DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft for Patriotic Day?

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

Follow the Steps below and learn how to make this Patriotic Day Firework craft.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

First, Grab your Supplies

  • Construction Paper (Blue, Red, and White)
  • Acrylic Colors (Red, White, and Blue)
  • Match Sticks ( I required 14, you can choose as per your requirement)
  • Cotton
  • (You may use Q-Tip in place of Match Stick and Cotton as its a much kid-friendly option, only you have to cut it out in halves)
  • Craft Glue
  • Craft Scissors
  • Red and Blue Sketch Pens or Marker
  • Paintbrush
  • Rubber
  • Pencil

Step By Step Directions for Making the DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

STEP 1: Take a Red and Blue Construction Paper and Roll them out individually.

STEP 2: Now stick the edge of the paper to the roll. Do this with both Red and White Construction paper. These will work as the Sparkler Stick.

STEP 3: Now take each of these paper roll/paper sparkler sticks and stick them like a “V” on a White Construction paper.

STEP 4: Take a Red and Blue sketch pen or marker and write, “God Bless USA” on the Top of the same white paper. You could use any technique of Caligraphy you love.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

STEP 5: Take a Match Stick and Roll some cotton on its tip. Do this for all the 14 Match Sticks that you have. You may ignore this step if you are working with Q-Tips.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

STEP 6: Now begins the fun part. All you have to do is dip these match sticks in blue and red Acrylic Colors and allow them to dry for some time.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft


STEP 7: Once they have dried out completely, you can simply apply some glue on one end of the match stick and stick it on top of the paper roll. Repeat this with all the match sticks you have. I have used seven for each sparkler. Make sure you stick red and white colored match sticks alternatively so that it looks more colorful and more like the America Flag.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

STEP 8: Once you have stuck them, take some red paint on a paintbrush and paint the tips of the Blue colored Match sticks with red color and vice versa. Do this for all the match Sticks.

Note: Keep in mind, that you have to only paint the tips of the match-sticks or Q-Tips. So that you leave some white cotton below the color. 

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft


STEP 9: Now just draw, some firework with red and blue paint at the bottom of the page.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

STEP 10: Give your Craft a final touch by drawing a blue and red Star on the base of these paper sparkler sticks.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

And you are done with the Paper Firework Sparkler Craft for Patriotic Day. Wasn’t that fun and easy?

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

I hope you liked this Paper Firework craft for July Fourth.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

It’s so much fun to do Patriotic day crafts. There is no better way to teach your kids the significance of this day than with crafts. So, please try it and make your holiday a special one.

DIY Paper Sparklers Firework Craft

Please comment below and tell me how you liked it. Also, share this with your friends and family on social media handles. It would mean the world to me. Until next time. Spread love and joy 🙂

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Happy July 4th to you 🙂

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