Summer season is already here. Are you excited? Here’s an opportunity for you to welcome summer in a colorful fashion. Learn how to make this DIY Fingerprint Hello Summer Craft for Kids right here. Summer season means holidays. It means fun with friends and loads of happiness. You can make your Summer eventful and memorable by doing some summer crafts. Crafts are a great way to spend your time during your summer holidays. You can spend your time doing some crafts which are just perfect for the season. Here I have brought you one such easy summer craft idea. This is really easy to make. It’s just a simple Fingerprint craft for kids, which you can finish easily in 30 minutes. So, try this easy summer craft and make your holidays a special one.Hello Summer Fingerprint Mango Craft


Bye school Hello Summer craft

Hello Summer craft for Kids

Hello Summer Fingerprint Mango Craft

Get your supplies

  1. Green Colored Paper
  2. Red, green and Black sketch pens
  3. Pencil
  4. Rubber
  5. Sharpener
  6. Yellow, Orange, Red, green and brown acrylic colors
  7. Fevicol or glue
  8. Scissors

Instructions to make Hello Summer craft

STEP 1: First of all draw an outline of two mangoes on a green colored paper.

STEP 2: Now simply start putting fingerprints on it. Start with Red color and then go on to Orange, then yellow and finally green color at the base. This shall create a nice color gradient for your mangoes.

STEP 3: Now take brown color on your little finger and make the stem of the Mangoes.

STEP 4: Finally, take green color in your fingers and paint the leaves of your Mangoes. After you paint with green also make an outline with yellow color for a finer touch.

STEP 5: Finally, just dip your Index finger in yellow color and write Hello on Top and Summer at the bottom.

So, this is how you can make Hello Summer Craft for Kids. Hope you enjoyed making this craft. Please share it on social media handles, it would make my day. Thank you for visiting HikenDip.Com

Hello Summer Fingerprint Mango Craft

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Happy Summers to you

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