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1. Can’t reply to a specific message : r/Instagram

Can’t reply to a specific message
by u/jmep95 in Instagram

Dec 11, 2020 Install an app called "Instander". Go to the experimental settings. Type in search line "reply". Find "Direct" and tick all the sliders below to … read more

2. How to Respond Directly to a Specific Message in Instagram

Oct 24, 2022 The ability to directly respond to a specific message is a feature in Instagram's cross-platform messaging update. If you don't have it already, … read more

3. Instagram Reply To Specific Message Not Working: How To Fix …

One reason you might not be able to reply to a message on Instagram is that the app limits the number of replies that a user can make in a day. Sometimes, … read more

4. Unable to reply to specific messages on Instagram 2023; fixed this …

Jun 12, 2023 App or software issue: A bug or glitch in the Instagram app or software may prevent you from accessing the “Reply” option when you tap and hold … read more

5. How To Reply to a Time-Specific Message from Someone on …

Feb 17, 2023 How To Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram Using a PC · Click the Messenger icon at the top of the screen. · Click the horizontal dots icon … read more

6. How to Reply to a Specific Instagram Message – Followchain

Many Instagram users are unable to reply to messages because they haven't updated the messaging feature. If you haven't updated the messaging feature on … read more

7. Why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram? How to Fix it?

May 12, 2023 So server outages (inability to provide services to each user) can be the reason behind not allowing you to reply to specific message. But how … read more

8. How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram on Android, iOS …

Apr 11, 2022 If you can't reply to a particular message on Instagram, it's probably because this feature has been available on Instagram since the cross- … read more

9. Manage who can reply to your Instagram story with a message …

By default, anyone who can see your story can reply to it directly with a message. When you prevent someone from replying, they won't see that option from … read more

10. How to Communicate with Customers | Instagram for Business

Oct 31, 2019 If you sent a message that you didn't mean to send, you can unsend messages you've sent by tapping and holding on the specific message. read more

11. Why can’t I reply to an Instagram message? I’ve updated the … updated-the-messaging-and-I-can-reply-to-a-message-with-an-emoji-just-n…

Try clearing the cache. This will delete temporary files and data stored in the app that might be causing the issue · Restarting your device can help fix any … read more

12. Instagram reply feature in DM’s

Not been able to reply to specific messages on Instagram, eg in a group of mult. … This has happened on both devices and I can't seem to think of a reason … read more

13. Why can’t I reply to messages on an Instagram Direct message … Direct-message

1. The message is too old: Instagram only allows you to send a specific reply to a message within the first 24 hours after it was sent. If the … read more

14. Why can’t I directly reply to messages on Instagram? | Android Central…/why-cant-i-directly-reply-to-messages- on-instagram.1023476/

Apr 11, 2021 Now, I can't reply to messages using the reply feature, … it's just the DMs and group chats where I can't reply to a specific message … read more

15. Why Can’t I Reply to Messages on Instagram? | Path Socia…/why-cant-i-reply-to-messages-on-instagram-i- need-help/

May 5, 2023 If you discover that you have neglected to update the software for your app, you may be having message issues due to the outdated software. One … read more

16. How To Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram (the easy way)

May 23, 2023 Responding to each Instagram DM the traditional way won't help you pull that off. Using Instagram's Quick Replies feature does. What is … read more

17. Introducing New Messaging Features…/introducing-new-dm-features

Mar 31, 2022 We're bringing one of Messenger's most beloved group chat features to Instagram so you can create a poll directly in your group chat. These new … read more

18. How To React To Messages On Instagram – DMPro

Jun 12, 2022 5.5 5- Why Can't I Reply to a Message on Instagram?! … wondered how to reply to a specific message in the Instagram DM section because if … read more

19. Hello Instagram didn’t get the features to reply a specific message ……/hello-instagram-didn-t-get-the-features-to-reply -a-specific-message-on-instagram-kindly-please-prov?…

Jul 24, 2022 You need to contact Instagram Support for help with your issue. This is not a Instagram Support forum. We can't help you with that here. read more

20. Instagram: Why your Direct Message isn’t getting a reply (and how to ……/instagram-why-your-direct-message-isnt-getting-a- reply-and-how-to-change-that/

Jul 15, 2017 Reason #1: They do not owe you their time. This one is probably the biggest: unless you're messaging a business or celebrity with a PR person, … read more

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