Can Your Lawyer Go Against You

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1. What if I am Unhappy with my Lawyer?

Jun 7, 2018 This means that a lawyer cannot represent two clients who are on opposite sides in the same or related lawsuits. And, ordinarily, there can be … read more

2. Will A Lawyer Turn You In? | Tips For Speaking To An Attorney

Dec 13, 2022 In short terms, no but yes. There are legal protections that are put in place for this instance. It is to ensure that the communication between … read more

3. Can a lawyer turn against their client? – Quora

Anyone can represent himself. We don't tend to represent ourselves though. This is for several reasons. One, when you represent yourself you lack perspective on … read more

4. Top 6 Telltale Signs You Hired a Bad Lawyer and How to Avoid it in …

Aug 19, 2020 The attorney you hired may not be committing malpractice, … not have a good attorney, on this one we start to move into things that could … read more

5. Lawsuits | North Carolina Judicial Branch

An attorney can advise you on the possible outcomes of your case and the amount of time and costs … Will a lawsuit against me go on my criminal record? read more

6. Lawyers Can Only Take Action With Client Consent – Patterson Law …

Jul 7, 2016 If you have a claim, contact our legal malpractice lawyers. … when your lawyer goes against your wishes, it can constitute legal … read more

7. Resolving Problems with your Attorney

In any case, keep a record of the date and time of any calls you have with your lawyer. If your lawyer does not return your call, send them a letter and keep a … read more

8. Representing Yourself – getting_started_selfhelp

In criminal cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint a … Look at the options that would solve your problem without having to go to … read more

9. How to File a Complaint against an Attorney

Once you've decided to take your grievance about an attorney to the State Bar, … State Bar decides to file charges against the lawyer, the case will go to … read more

10. Restraining Order (DV-109, DV-100, DV-110) | California Courts …

Items 6 – 23 If you're married, it can include orders for spousal support. … to having a restraining order against you, you must go to your court date to … read more

11. File a Consumer Complaint | Office of the Attorney General…/file-consumer-complaint

Preparing Your Complaint · The name of the business or individual you're filing a complaint against · The business/individual's full address, including zip code … read more

12. Going to court as the accused :: Justice

If you plead not guilty, your case has to go to trial and the prosecutor has to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Your lawyer will arrange for a trial … read more

13. Know Your Rights | What To Do When Encountering Questions from ……your…/what-do-when-encountering-law-enforcement- questioning

Can I talk to a lawyer before answering questions? … You could be questioned by a variety of law enforcement officers, including state or local police … read more

14. If My Attorney Screwed Up My Case, What Are My Rights?

Feb 17, 2023 We can help you move forward if your lawyer is taking too long or if you … things needed to win a malpractice case against your attorney:. read more

15. 8 Reasons to Fire Your Lawyer (and How To Do It)

Lawyers aren't perfect, and yours might not be handling your case appropriately. … and jury would be a good move but your lawyer is pushing you to settle. read more

16. Indiana Judicial Branch: Disciplinary Commission: Lawyer …

What do I do if I have a complaint against a lawyer? It's always a good idea to try to work things out with your lawyer informally. If that doesn't work, … read more

17. Grievance & Ethics Information – State Bar of Texas

The State Bar of Texas' attorney grievance system cannot act as a liaison between you and the lawyer, nor can it: Award damages;. Alter the decision made in a … read more

18. Other Options for Resolving Your Dispute | Georgia Attorney ……your…/other-options-resolving-your-dispute

You will want to choose an attorney who specializes or has experience in the … describing the charges made by the plaintiff against the defendant. read more

19. File a Complaint

The Supreme Court of Illinois ultimately decides if a lawyer should be censured (publicly … If I lost money because of my lawyer, can I get it back? read more

20. Complaints About Attorneys | NYCOURTS.GOV

Attorney / Client Disputes If you have a complaint against an attorney, you may … Please note that the New York State Unified Court System does not have … read more

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