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1. When to Use Who or That | Touro University

Who is always used to refer to people. · That is always used when talking about inanimate objects (that computer, that piece of paper…) · That can also be used … read more

2. Can “Whose” be Used for Things or Objects on GMAT | Experts …

To summarize, when the word "whose" is used as an interrogative pronoun, it can only refer to a person; however, when it is used as a relative pronoun, the word … read more

3. Using ‘Whose’ for Objects and Things | Merriam-Webster

You Can Use 'Whose' for Things … Whose is the possessive form of the relative pronoun who. … Instead, a question about a book with torn pages might be "Which … read more

4. grammaticality – Can “whose” refer to an inanimate object? – English …

May 2, 2011 They'd either simply say "whose is wrong for inanimate objects" or else go so far as to say "the correct word is thats and has been for everyone … read more

5. vba – How to refer to with object – Stack Overflow

Jun 29, 2012 Why would you want to do this? .Sheets("MySheet") is not a method and won't do anything. · i want to pass an Worksheet argument to my subroutine … read more

6. Using the this Keyword (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java …

You can refer to any member of the current object from within an instance method or a constructor by using this . Using this with a Field. The most common … read more

7. c++ – Can you refer to the object being called within a class object …

Dec 8, 2015 this is a pointer that refers to the object the member function was called for. Usually you need this when you want to return reference to … read more

8. Does `this` always refer to an object? – JavaScript FAQ …

Oct 8, 2018 Answer Yes, in JavaScript this will always refer to an object, … function will relate to the HTML element it has been appended to. read more

9. Object Data Type – Visual Basic | Microsoft Learn

Sep 15, 2021 Holds addresses that refer to objects. You can assign any reference type (string, array, class, or interface) to an Object variable. read more

10. References to Values – Configuration Language | Terraform …

The resource's attributes are elements of the object, and you can access them … Local values can refer to other local values, even within the same locals … read more

11. Variables in Python – Real Python

Once an object is assigned to a variable, you can refer to the object by that name. But the data itself is still contained within the object. For example: >>> > … read more

12. Working with objects – JavaScript | MDN…/Working_with_objects

Apr 4, 2023 A property's value can be a function, in which case the property is … If you do not need to refer to this object elsewhere, you do not … read more

13. locator does not refer to an object “using OVF tool” – VMware Forum…/2485164-locator-does-not-refer-to-an- object-using-ovf-tool

May 7, 2023 Tring to export OVF Templet for a VM in vSphere or vCenter using OVF tool but getting an error "locator does not refer to an object: vi. read more

14. this – JavaScript | MDN…/this

Jul 3, 2023 You can prove this by calling a method of an object up in the prototype … and is generally not equal to the object that super refers to. read more

15. Objects and references – Manual – PHP

$a = NULL; // Foo object 2 can be garbage collected now because $a and $c are now a reference … $c = &$a; //<–$c will refer to whatever $a currently and … read more

16. ovftool “locator does not refer to an object” – VMware Technology ……refer-to-an-object…/2520697

Mar 20, 2011 ovftool "locator does not refer to an object". I am trying to create an OVF from a vm in vsphere – I'm running ovftool on a linux machine, … read more

17. Solved Questions 8-10 refer to an object that can move in |…/questions-8-10-refer-object-move-either-direction- along-horizontal-line-positio-neglected–q11274937

Sketch the shape of the graph of the force applied to the object that would produce the motion described. can n axis). Assume that friction is so small that it … read more

18. How do you refer to verbs that take an object or do not take an object ……/how-do-you-refer-to-verbs-that- take-an-object-or-do-not-take-an-object-in-english

How do you refer to verbs that take an object or do not take an object in English? – Easy Learning Grammar. Some verbs must always take a direct object, some … read more

19. Solved 10 refer to an object that can move in either |…/10-refer-object-move-either-direction-along- horizontal-line-position-axis–assume-friction-q22905979

Question: 10 refer to an object that can move in either direction along a horizontal line (the + position axis). Assume that friction is so small that it … read more

20. JavaScript this

In JavaScript, the this keyword refers to an object. Which object depends on … Methods like call() , apply() , and bind() can refer this to any object. read more

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