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1. Should you name your Attorney as the Executor of your … – Ansell PA

Most clients anticipate that the designated attorney will serve as both the Executor and counsel to the Estate, unless another attorney is needed for any reason … read more

2. 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Executor | Kiplinger

Aug 7, 2017 If you do not have any responsible friends or family members, you can name an attorney, accountant, bank or trust company as executor. read more

3. What to Do If No One Wants to Be Your Executor

Sep 10, 2021 Ask your attorney or CPA or Certified Financial Planner. An experienced financial or legal professional can be an excellent choice to serve as … read more

4. Restrictions on Who Can Serve as Your Executor | Nolo

Any information sent through this site does not create an attorney-client relationship and may not be treated as privileged or confidential. The lawyer or law … read more

5. Choose an Executor for Your NYC Estate – Regina Kiperman, Esq,

Oct 19, 2020 Can the Attorney that Drafted the Will Act as Executor? Attorneys are also allowed to act as executors. The attorney who drafted your will ( … read more

6. Choosing the executor of your will | MoneyHelper

Many people do choose a solicitor or even their bank as one of the executors. The plus side to this is that they're experienced and know their way around legal, … read more

7. Who Qualifies to Serve as an Executor in North Carolina? | Carolina …

An executor is appointed under the decedent's (person who died) will and given authority by the Court as having legal responsibility to collect the decedent's … read more

8. Who Should I Choose as My Executor in Pennsylvania?

Feb 11, 2021 As long as you trust the individual and have a good relationship with him, an attorney could be a good choice to act as your executor. Pretty … read more

9. Why You Shouldn’t Name Your Attorney as Your Executor or Trustee …

Absent special circumstances,attorneys may be unable to serve as a trustee or executor of a client's Will because of the inherent ethical conflict. read more

10. Can my solicitor be an executor of my Will? – Timbrell Law Solicitors

Aug 7, 2020 An executor can be anyone, even a beneficiary, over the age of 18. Common executor appointments include family members and friends, although it … read more

11. What to Consider When Choosing an Executor for Your Illinois Will ……lawyers…/what-to-consider-when-choosing-an- executor-for-your-illinois-will

Aug 19, 2021 If you cannot think of someone in your personal life who would make an appropriate executor, you may choose your attorney or even a bank to … read more

12. Will drafting and serving as executor: is it ethical? – Chandler Law, LLC

Jul 18, 2016 A lawyer asked to serve as drafter and executor should give their client enough information to make an informed decision. Certainly, the lawyer … read more

13. Probate v. pro se: Why Texas law requires executors to hire an ……/probate-v-pro-se-why-texas-law-requires- executors-to-hire-an-attorney-for-probate-proceedings

May 2, 2022 Because the attorney is authorized to practice law, the attorney can prepare and file necessary documents and represent Ed in serving as … read more

14. What Is an Executor? Definition and Responsibilities

An executor of an estate is an individual appointed to administer the last will and testament of a deceased person. The executor's main duty is to carry out … read more

15. Executor’s Role in Virginia Probate | NoVa Probate Procedures…lawyer/…/executors-role/

Understanding the executor's role in probate can be difficult. Contact a NoVa attorney for support and assistance throughout the process. read more

16. Executor Not Communicating With Beneficiaries | What to Do …

Oct 21, 2022 A beneficiary lawyer can assist estate beneficiaries with obtaining the information they need from executors if the executor is failing to … read more

17. NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Committee on Professional …

May an attorney draft a client's will naming the attorney as co-executor and also as one of four residuary beneficiaries? OPINION. The inquiring lawyer … read more

18. Ethics Opinions – FORMAL OPINION NO. 1993-130…/1993-130.htm

Where the executor wishes to hire an attorney to perform the executor's duties, he must compensate the attorney from his personal funds. … The attorney may not … read more

19. Can an Executor Override a Beneficiary? | Keystone Law Group

Oct 13, 2022 Beneficiaries often falsely believe that the lawyer for the executor represents their interests as well, but it is actually the executor who is … read more

20. It is not necessary to appoint a lawyer as executor of your Will | Mint…/it-is-not-necessary-to-appoint-a-lawyer-as- executor-of-your-will-11580203086115.html

Jan 28, 2020 You can appoint anyone as an executor of your Will but having a lawyer can help avoid any conflicts … My life insurance policies have nominees. read more

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