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1. Relate to Definition & Meaning – Merriam-Webster

The meaning of RELATE TO is to connect (something) with (something else). How to use relate to in a sentence. read more

2. I can relate – Expressions, Idioms, and Slang

Apr 28, 2020 I can relate to that. · I understand. · I know what you mean. · I have had a similar experience. · I know exactly what you are talking about. read more

3. RELATE TO SOMEONE/SOMETHING – Cambridge English Dictionary

to understand and appreciate someone or something: The kids need a teacher who can relate to them. "Malcolm thought people should learn to live together. read more

4. What does ‘I can relate’ tend to mean? – Quora

I believe that “I can relate” is short for “I can relate to that”. It tends to mean “I empathise”, as in, “I understand how you are feeling because I have … read more

5. Relate definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

To relate is to give an account of happenings, events, circumstances, etc.: to relate one's adventures. To recite may mean to give details consecutively, but … read more

6. Relate – Definition, Meaning & Synonyms |

The verb relate means "to make a connection." If you can relate to someone's story, something like that has happened to you. Relate also means "to give an … read more

7. Relate definition in American English | Collins English Dictionary

To relate is to give an account of happenings, events, circumstances, etc.: to relate one's adventures. To recite may mean to give details consecutively, … read more

8. What is the meaning of “I can relate to this”? – Question about …

Jul 31, 2015 it means you can understand someone or have gone through a similar experience. It's a phrase of empathy. What does I can relate mean? answer. I … read more

9. who can relate definition | English dictionary for learners | Reverso

relate · If you can relateto someone, you can understand how they feel or behave so that you are able to communicate with them or deal with them easily. · He is … read more

10. What is the meaning of “”Who can relate?””? – Question about …

Jun 1, 2020 What does "Who can relate?" mean? See a translation · If someone has experienced something similar to you they might understand your situation. read more

11. Just Because You’re Related Doesn’t Mean You Can Relate | by … you-can-relate-6476e5e37896

Feb 19, 2019 Add family to the mix and the relating can get complicated. A parent or sibling who wants nothing more than to help fix things can be perceived … read more

12. grammar – When do you use “relate to” versus “relate with ……/when-do-you-use-relate-to-versus-relate -with

Dec 30, 2016 1- “Relate to” should be used when the meaning of the verb is about connections. For example, “I relate to your pain” and “Those cases relate to … read more

13. What does” I can relate to that” mean? The Context: The … – italki

Apr 22, 2013 What does" I can relate to that" mean? The Context: The professor said to a student," Too many of my students used to memorize small facts … read more

14. English Lesson: “I can definitely relate to that.” |

Being able to "relate to" a feeling or experience means that you understand it. It might mean that you've had the same feeling or experience before. In other … read more

15. Wiring optimization can relate neuronal structure and function | PNAS

The mean deviation from actual is 26.1%, a worse prediction than that generated by wiring minimization. We also evaluate how well cost minimization is able to … read more

16. What does “I Can Relate” mean in English? – Check English Words

“I can relate” is a phrase that means you understand or have experienced something similar to what someone else is describing or talking about. read more

17. Can’t relate – Urban Dictionary’t%20relate

Sep 17, 2018 A phrase used by the iconic multi millionaire youtuber Jeffree Star. It means that if you never experienced something you cannot relate on it. read more

18. About joining and relating tables—ArcMap | Documentation…/about-joining-and-relating-tables.htm

When you need information that isn't in the current table, you can link … When you save a map containing joins and relates, ArcMap saves the definition of … read more

19. relate – Urban Dictionary

From the word "relatable." The level of ability something has for people to be able to relate to it. That movie really made me emotional and I could easily … read more

20. Introduction to joins and relates—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation…/joins-and-relates.htm

Depending on the type of association, you can append the attributes or an aggregate (minimum, maximum, mean, and so on) of numeric attributes from a matched … read more

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