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1. Rabies

Jun 12, 2019 It can spread to people and pets when they are bitten … that don't often carry the virus, like opossums or squirrels. read more

2. Do Opossums Carry Rabies? | Terminix

Do Opossums Carry Rabies? Any mammal can get rabies, but it's extremely rare for an opossum. It's believed that their low body temperature may inhibit the virus … read more

3. Can Opossums Get Rabies? | Critter Control Orlando

While any mammal can get rabies, the disease is more common in other mammals such as bats, raccoons, or skunks. The chance of encountering a rabid opossum … read more

4. Opossums can be good neighbors, and despite the myth, they don’t …

Aug 13, 2020 One important fact to note: Opossums do not carry rabies. It is a common myth that they do, but opossums' body temperature is slightly lower … read more

5. What to do about opossums | The Humane Society of the United States

In fact, rabies is extremely rare in opossums, perhaps because they have a much lower body temperature compared to other warm-blooded animals. Also of interest:. read more

6. Opossum facts: Gentle marsupials don’t get rabies, are immune to …

Nov 16, 2022 First of all, “possumsdo not contact or carry rabies. Nobody in the scientific community knows exactly why that is true, but it is. read more

7. Do Possums Have Rabies?. 9 fascinating facts about North… | by …

Jul 9, 2021 The truth about opossums. In order of importance. · Any mammal can get rabies, but it is extremely rare for an opossum. Some experts think this … read more

8. Can Possums Have Rabies? – AZ Animals

Oct 6, 2022 Possums rarely if ever have rabies. Although it's technically possible for them to carry the disease, scientists hypothesize that their … read more

9. Do Possums Carry Rabies? | Animal Wildlife Trappers

Nov 29, 2021 Do Possums Carry Rabies? · The Truth About Possums and Rabies. It is important to note that all mammals are susceptible to rabies, this, of … read more

10. In Defense of Opossums

May 16, 2017 They are nearly impervious to rabies because their body temperature is too low to host the rabies virus. They also rarely catch Lyme disease … read more

11. 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Opossums 4864240

6 In comparison to other wild animals, opossums are much less likely to carry rabies than bats, raccoons, and skunks. However, opossums can pass diseases like … read more

12. Opossum FAQ | Opossum Society of the United States

If opossums are nocturnal then why do I see one in the day? What sounds do opossums make? Do opossums carry rabies? Can I get a disease from an opossum? read more

13. Opossums (U.S. National Park Service)

May 19, 2020 And while they're not totally immune to rabies, they rarely carry it. As a marsupial, possums have a lower body temperature than most other … read more

14. Are Opossums ‘Nature’s Pest Control’ and ‘Clean-up Crew …

Mar 23, 2022 “In fact, rabies is extremely rare in opossums, perhaps because they have a much lower body temperature compared to other warm-blooded animals.” … read more

15. Rabies – Los Angeles County Department of Public Health

Any mammal can get rabies – the list is long and includes: Bats, dogs, cats, raccoons, skunks, opossums, coyotes, foxes, cattle, horses, and many more. read more

16. Infectious Diseases in the Opossum: A Review

Wild opossums are seldom reported to have rabies. … Although opossum viruses A and B have been isolated from … can trypanosomiasis of the human type. read more

17. Rabies: Take the ounce of prevention > Beale Air Force Base ……/rabies-take-the-ounce-of-prevention/

Sep 26, 2012 Bats, raccoons, coyote, fox, opossums, and skunks all can carry rabies, and our pets (especially our cats) do come into contact with these … read more

18. 7 Cool Things You Should Know About Opossums – DNR News ……/7-Cool-Things-You-Should-Know-About- Opossums

Nov 12, 2015 On the bright side, opossums are very unlikely to carry rabies. Their body temperature is too low for the rabies virus to thrive in, … read more

19. Opossums | Galveston, TX – Official Website

Answer: Any mammal can get rabies. However, the chance of rabies in an opossum is EXTREMELY RARE. This may have something to do with the opossum's low body … read more

20. Do Opossums Carry Rabies? – World Class Wildlife Removal…/do-opossums-carry-rabies

May 4, 2020 It's actually very rare for an opossum to ever have rabies. Here we lay out how an opossum lives its life in the wild in order to get a clearer … read more

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