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1. Should you name your Attorney as the Executor of your … – Ansell PA

Most clients anticipate that the designated attorney will serve as both the Executor and counsel to the Estate, unless another attorney is needed for any reason … read more

2. 7 Tips for Choosing the Right Executor | Kiplinger

If you do not have any responsible friends or family members, you can name an attorney, accountant, bank or trust company as executor. However, these parties … read more

3. What to Do If No One Wants to Be Your Executor

Sep 10, 2021 Ask your attorney or CPA or Certified Financial Planner. An experienced financial or legal professional can be an excellent choice to serve … read more

4. Who Should I Choose as My Executor in Pennsylvania?

Feb 11, 2021 As long as you trust the individual and have a good relationship with him, an attorney could be a good choice to act as your executor. Pretty … read more

5. Why You Shouldn’t Name Your Attorney as Your Executor or Trustee …

However,you can ask another attorney to serve as your executor or trustee. … Your attorney can explain his or her ethical obligations to you,the client. read more

6. Can my Alberta Lawyer Act as my Executor? • West Legal: People First

May 11, 2020 In many cases, it is legal for a lawyer to act as the Executor, or Personal Representative, of a former client's Estate, even if the lawyer … read more

7. Choose an Executor for Your NYC Estate – Regina Kiperman, Esq,

Oct 19, 2020 Attorneys are also allowed to act as executors. The attorney who drafted your will (otherwise known as the “attorney-draftsperson”) is also … read more

8. Can my solicitor be an executor of my Will? – Timbrell Law Solicitors

Aug 7, 2020 Common executor appointments include family members and friends, although it is also possible to appoint your solicitor as a professional … read more

9. California Restrictions on Who Can Serve as Executor | Nolo

Learn the rules about who can be your executor in California. By Jessica Gillespie. Need Professional Help? Talk to an Estate Planning Attorney. read more

10. Can I appoint my lawyer as my executor? – Estate Law Canada

Jul 4, 2010 In Canada, you can appoint either an individual or a trust company as your executor. If the individual you choose is a lawyer, … read more

11. How to choose who is executor for estate or gets powers of attorney…/how-to-choose-who-is-executor-for-estate-or-gets- powers-of-attorney.html

Mar 5, 2021 And if you struggle to identify someone in your personal life to serve as an executor or trustee, you can rely on a professional like an … read more

12. How To Choose an Executor For Your Will…/last…/choosing-the-executor-faq.html

Apr 27, 2023 Should I Name an Alternate Executor? Is the Executor Paid? Should My Executor Hire a Probate Lawyer? Get Started With Your Will. What Does the … read more

13. Choosing an executor: Four characteristics to watch for…/choosing-an-executor-four- characteristics-to-watch-for

Having a professional such as a lawyer or an accountant or a corporate trustee work together with a family member can be optimal, says Guerriero. “The family … read more

14. Can I Change the Executor to My Estate?…/can-i-change-the-executor-to-my-estate/

Jun 1, 2022 Given this, it might make more sense just to consult with an Ohio estate planning attorney or probate lawyer for legal advice, they can help you … read more

15. Who Qualifies to Serve as an Executor in North Carolina? | Carolina …

Some people name an attorney as their executor, but most name a family member, such as a spouse, parent, or child. If you don't choose an executor, the Court … read more

16. How to decide who’s a good fit for executor of your will…/how-to-choose-who-is-a-good-fit-for-executor-of- your-will.html

Jun 15, 2021 And if you struggle to identify someone in your personal life to serve as an executor or trustee, you can rely on a professional like an … read more

17. Frequently Asked Questions About Wills | Welcome to …

If I die without a Will, what will happen to my property? … are wondering whether you have a common law marriage, you should probably speak with a lawyer. read more

18. Choosing the executor of your will | MoneyHelper…/choosing-your-executor

It is helpful to have someone involved with specialist knowledge but your executors can always appoint professionals at the time to help them if they need it – … read more

19. What is an Executor? How Do I Choose One for my Will? — Texas …

Sep 6, 2016 Although the word “executor” sounds a little scary, it simply refers to the person you're charging to “execute,” or carry out, the instructions … read more

20. What to Consider When Choosing an Executor for Your Illinois Will ……lawyers…/what-to-consider-when-choosing-an- executor-for-your-illinois-will

Aug 19, 2021 If you cannot think of someone in your personal life who would make an appropriate executor, you may choose your attorney or even a bank to be … read more

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