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1. Regulation of the legal profession in Canada: overview | Practical Law

Jun 1, 2021 Lawyers can practise in another province for up to 100 days without needing a permit; after that, lawyers can obtain a permanent licence in the … read more

2. Want to practice law across multiple provinces? | PrecedentJD …

Mar 30, 2017 They don't want to go to one lawyer in each province. Luckily, thanks to the National Mobility Agreement for the legal profession, you can … read more

3. How hard is it to move across provinces as a lawyer : r/LawCanada

How hard is it to move across provinces as a lawyer
by u/Coolsbreeze in LawCanada

Sep 1, 2018 I know that you can practice a maximum of 100 business days in a different… … if you maintain active status in more than one province. read more

4. Mobility and Inter-jurisdictional Frequently Asked Questions – Lawyer

Yes, you may be licensed in more than one Canadian jurisdiction at the same time providing you meet the requirements for licensing in each jurisdiction. Quebec … read more

5. Multi-Bar Lawyers | Idealex

Province. +. 9.0%. = Yukon. Northwest. Territories. Nunavut. If so, you might be among the12.1% of Canadian lawyersworking at large firms who can flash. read more

6. Canadian Lawyer Mobility and Law Society Conflict of Interest

Lawyers admitted in other Canadian provinces can practice in Alberta as corporate counsel under a limited membership in the Law Society. read more

7. Estate Probate (Canada) – EstateExec

If there are multiple real properties in a single province, you can probate them all in the same probate court, but if the decedent owned property in … read more

8. Find Canadian Law Schools | The Law School Admission Council

You can search for schools by province or filter schools by keyword using the … for practicing law, can be obtained from the law societies of the various … read more

9. About | McKercher LLP

Many of our lawyers have experience across practice areas; others are more … all 50 U.S. states and every Canadian province, ELA provides multi-state and … read more

10. Trust Account Declaration

If I practice in multiple states or Canadian provinces, whose rules do I follow … IOLTA stands for Interest on Lawyer's Trust Accounts, Interest on LLLT's … read more

11. Multi-jurisdictional mess | Canadian Lawyer…/multi…mess/274883

Feb 20, 2018 In typical multi-jurisdictional class action litigation, defendants and plaintiffs agree in which province the class action should proceed, … read more

12. Expanding Your Virtual Mental Health Practice Across Jurisdictions jurisdictions/

Mar 16, 2021 When I was embarking on my multiprovince practice, I desperately wanted an article that would lay out all the factors that I should think … read more

13. Mobility Agreements | The Law Society of British Columbia…/mobility-agreements/

The Barreau du Québec is also a signatory but must receive various approvals … to join the common law provincial law societies in the National Mobility … read more

14. Facilitating National Mobility of the Legal Profession – Federation of …

The National Mobility Agreement allows lawyers to transfer with ease between all common law provinces in Canada. Under the agreement, lawyers in common law … read more

15. Transfers | The Law Society of British Columbia

A lawyer transferring from another Canadian jurisdiction as an in-house counsel may apply to be exempted from… Learn More. Inter-jurisdictional practice … read more

16. Mobility Agreements – Law Society of Alberta…lawyers/mobility-agreements/

The interjurisdictional practice of law in Canada is governed by a system … Alberta lawyers seeking to practise in any of the three territories would … read more

17. Selecting a Jurisdiction of Incorporation in Canada (Provincial vs ……/selecting-a-jurisdiction-of-incorporation -in-canada/

Will your corporate name be used in multiple Provinces or Territories? … business” varies from Province to Province, so a qualified lawyer should always … read more

18. Working Remotely – Applying the National Mobility Rules – Law ……/working-remotely-applying-the-national- mobility-rules/

This purpose underscores the rules of remote practice, and provides guidance in terms of what is acceptable remote practice. Lawyers from Other Provinces … read more

19. The Judiciary – Canada’s Court System

Sep 1, 2021 For provincially and territorially appointed judges, each province or territory has a judicial council. Its members include judges, lawyers, … read more

20. National Mobility Agreement in effect July 1 | LIF…canada/national-mobility-agreement-in-effect-july-1/

May 3, 2022 Under the new national mobility regime, a BC lawyer will generally be entitled to practise temporarily in another reciprocating jurisdiction for … read more

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