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1. RULES OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT Chapter 1. Lawyer-Client …

lawyer is representing or providing legal advice to a client in that capacity … (b) This rule does not apply to a division of fees pursuant to court order … read more

2. Supreme Court Rules – Rule 4 – Rules Governing the Missouri Bar …

Aug 19, 1994 (2) a lawyer representing an indigent client may pay court costs and … as when a lawyer drafting a will for a client learns that the … read more

3. Rules of Professional Conduct Rule 1.7: Conflict of interest: Current …

Mar 26, 2015 (3) the representation does not involve the assertion of a claim by one client against another client represented by the lawyer in the same … read more

4. rule 1.8: conflict of interest: current clients

(2) a lawyer representing an indigent client may pay court costs and expenses of … In some cases, the lawyer's interest may be such that Rule 1.7 will … read more

5. Representing Yourself – getting_started_selfhelp

In criminal cases, if you cannot afford a lawyer, the court will appoint a lawyer for you, … You want a confidential attorneyclient relationship. read more

6. The Rules of Professional Conduct

Adopted by Order of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania dated October 16, 1987, … Whether a clientlawyer relationship exists for any specific purpose can … read more

7. Rule 4.2 Communication With Person Represented By Counsel …

Nor does this Rule preclude communication with a represented person who is seeking advice from a lawyer who is not otherwise representing a client in the … read more

8. NYSBA NY Rules of Professional Conduct (2021)

versies in circumstances where a private lawyer could not represent multi- ple private clients. These Rules do not abrogate any such authority. read more

9. Must I Go to Court Or Can My Lawyer Go For Me?

In waivable offenses, an attorney is allowed to go to court for their client. We routinely handle waivable cases without our clients having to show up for court … read more

10. Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct

a private lawyer could not represent multiple private clients. … by the court or may test the ruling as permitted by Rule 3.04(d). 7. In the course of a … read more

11. Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct [PDF]…/michigan-rules-of-professional-conduct. pdf

is well represented, a lawyer can be a zealous advocate on behalf of a client and at the same time assume that justice is being done. So also, a lawyer can … read more

12. Ethical Obligations of a Lawyer When His Client Has Committed or ……/2009-01/

Regardless of whether the lawyer is representing a civil client or a … the lawyer will have no choice but to inform the court of the client's actions. read more


Dec 1, 2020 court rules and statutes relating to matters of licensure, … (ii) the attorney does not represent the client generally or in any matters … read more

14. Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers | OHCHR…/basic-principles-role-lawyers

Any such persons who do not have a lawyer shall, in all cases in which the interests of … (c) Assisting clients before courts, tribunals or administrative … read more

15. Understanding Unauthorized Practice of Law Issues…/ Understanding%20Practice%20of%20Law%20Issues.pdf

Dec 15, 2014 client, or that prejudice the administration of justice.7. Q. As an out-of-state attorney, … Q. Can a law student represent me in court? read more

16. Washington State Courts – Court Rules…

Title 4 Transactions With Persons Other Than Clients. 4.1, Truthfulness in Statements to Others. 4.2, Communication With Person Represented by a Lawyer. read more

17. Rule 8: Rules of Professional Conduct. | Tennessee Administrative …

Thus, when an opposing party is well represented, a lawyer can be a zealous advocate on behalf of a client and at the same time assume that justice is being … read more

18. Letters of Engagement Rules – Unified Court System

The Appellate Divisions of the Supreme Court, pursuant to the authority … Effective March 4, 2002, an attorney who undertakes to represent a client and … read more

19. Do You Have to be a Lawyer to Represent Someone in Court?

May 16, 2017 The short answer is yes! In the majority of cases, especially in the USA, you must be at least a licensed practitioner to represent someone … read more

20. The Small Claims Court, A Guide to Its Practical Use – California …

Small claims courts may be able to order a defendant to do something, as long as a claim for money … You can't have the attorney represent you in court. read more

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